Friday, February 24, 2012

Open WOD #1

7min AMRAP:
Burpees (jump to 6" target)
Results:  125 reps 

Notes: Got about 2-3 hours of light sleep last night.  Didn't feel that peppy rolling out of bed, but I had an underlying surge of adrenaline in deep in my belly.  I didn't know what the workout was until I checked it on my computer on Thursday morning.  When I saw it was 7min burpees, my mind was just dull.  I wasn't anticipating the pain like last year's first workout gave.  Instead I just wanted to get this thing over with and continue my training.  Had a small breakfast of meat and veggies and then headed over to the gym.  

Here was my pre-testing warm-up:
10am: coffee
  • 5min Z1 Airdyne
  • Ido Scap routine x 2
  • Banded hip flossing x 1min/side
  • easy calf stretching
  • foam roll lower back
  • 2x10sec Airdyne sprints @ 100%
10:35am- Open Workout #1

My strategy going in was to go at 85-90% for 6minutes and then lay the hammer down at the 6min mark.  I got no repped a couple of times, but it really didn't make all that much of a difference.  Rate limiter was the quad fatigue.  Even if you go unbroken in this workout, the cycling rate just has to be faster if you want to post a big number on this workout.

I was down after the workout for about 20 seconds, but then I was able to walk off and doing some easy jog intervals to help clear the fatigue from my legs.  Overall I thought I gave a good effort and now I can get back to training for regionals until next Thursday.

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  1. When I refer to "the blog" this is the blog I'm talking about. I pressed follow and now I'm allowed to comment! Awesome job Sean, Next!