Monday, January 2, 2012


10 no ft. rope climbs
Pistols 5/5 per round
HSPU on Paralettes 2 per round
800m Run @ 90%, rest 2min x 3
1. 2:51
2. 2:55
3. 2:49

Notes: No foot rope climbs got a bit better, but they still hurt my fingers when I do them.  I attempted the overhead pistols but dropped out each time I tried.  I wasn't really warm but they are nearly impossible for me.  With a gun to my head I don't think I have a chance.  I switched to pistols and those weren't too bad.  HSPU on paralettes went okay.  I didn't have much time to complete the workout, so I changed shoes and got to the start line for the 800s.  First one I felt good, hitting the first half quick and then just trying to maintain over the back half.  Second one I paced the front half and then tried to pick it up over the second half.  This stradegy wasn't as successful as my first attempt, and the hurt began on the last 200m.  Last attempt, I hit the first half hard and just held on as long as I could.  The last 100m I put the hammer down....and boy did it hurt.  I was crippled at the finish line with yelps of pain bursting out of my mouth sporadically.  I was pleased with my effort here.  Overall, I think my 5min and under capacity has gotten much better over the last 6 months.

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