Monday, January 9, 2012

Training: 1/9/2012

10min Z1 Run
30sec @ 90%
30sec @ 50%
1min @ 90%
1min @ 50%
2 sets:
90sec @ 90%
90sec @ 50%
10min Z1 Run

Notes: I really don't mind these workouts.  Mostly because I know the pace I need to hold in order to not feel too much pain, keeping the intervals aerobic.  When I feel the systemic burning, I know I am going too hard, but once I get in the groove it seems pretty effortless.  I noticed on the 30s that the acceleration/deceleration was pretty taxing.  As I got into the 1min intervals, my hamstrings started to fatigue a bit.  And on the 90s, I noticed that when I start to breathe heavier, I overextend through my midsection as I inhale.  After this observation I focused on each big breath, and it help me keep my forward lean.

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