Saturday, January 7, 2012

Training: 1/6/2012

A. Split Jerk: Build to a Heavy Single (245,265,285)
B. Push Press: 3x3; rest 4min (235,235,245)
7min Heavy Carry Medley:
20m of:
1 Arm Fat Bar (55lbs.)
Zercher Carry (185lbs.)
Stone (110lbs.)

Notes: Moderate energy going into today's workout.  I was up early for personal training etc. and I was running around doing various activities along the way.  Needed to focus on the technique of the jerk since I really don't get all that much exposure to it.  Worked slowly up to the heavier weights, hitting doubles all the way up to 225 lbs.  I was focusing on a shorter dip which would transition me quicker back under the bar after the drive.  265lbs. felt like butter, so jumped to 285lbs.. 285 was the cleanest jerk I have ever caught but I was locked out (no press out).  It was a bit forward.  Looking back at the video, I didn't reach the front foot far enough forward (knee was over toe, which probably prevented me from getting my torso through.  More exposure to this and I should be up around 300 (not really necessary right now being that the open would never have a max anything).  Push press felt pretty good, especially after the heavy jerks.  I didn't want to overextend my neck forward when locking out the weight since that usually jacks up my rhomboid.  Instead I got the bar back and came back down.  Rhomboid felt fine afterward.  Medley went well.  Some fatigue in my lower back afterward, and also my biceps.

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