Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Training: 1/4/2012

A1. HB Back Squat: 4x4-6 @ 40x0; rest 10sec (225,235,237,240)
A2. DB Walking Lunges: 4x12 @ 1010; rest 10sec (55)
A3. OHS: 4x15 @ 20x0; rest 3min (75)

B1. Wtd. Chinups: 4x4 @ 31x1; rest 10sec (15)
B2. CTB Pullups: 4x10; rest 10sec (UB)
B3. Kipping Pullups: 4x15; rest 3min (UB)

Notes: Did have a lot of energy going into this workout.  The gym was an ice box and I was exhausted from being up early.  Had to man up and focus though, can't me phoning in workouts at this point.  "NO EXCUSES.......FEBRUARY" was written on the board in front of me to stare at before each one of my sets.  I focused on that and the fires were soon lit.  The pullups went pretty well.  My back and scaps are sore from yesterday's muscle-up work, but I fought through it to go unbroken on all sets.  I realized that I need to pull from my back to get my chest to the bar, not just my arms (retracting my scapula all the way together).  Left biceps tendon up in the delt was irritated as usual, but my right was as well.  annoying.....

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