Monday, January 30, 2012

Training: 1/30/2012

AM Training:
A. Ring Series* x 3; rest 5 min b/t series
*2-3 Strict Muscle Ups + Press to HS (feet in straps) +AMRAP Ring HSPU + lower to support + amrap Ring Dips + L-Sit hold + lower to hang + 3 Skin the Cats + amrap L-Pullups
B. HSPU: 3 x amrap(-1); rest 3 min (forehead to floor) (13,12,12)
C. Accumulate 3 min total L-Sit on parallelettes (9:54 Total Time)

Notes: Interesting ring work today.  Muscle ups and Ring HSPU went fine, but the real problem was getting from the inverted position back in to the ring dip.  Ended up popping into the muscle up, then getting back over the rings.  This complex was definitely taxing.  HSPU felt okay.  I have been focusing on keeping the feet close together, something that bit me last year.  L-sits were broken into sets of 15 and 10 sec.

PM Training:
8min AMRAP:
15 Box Jumps (20")
15 KB Swings (53lbs.)
Rounds: 8

Notes:  I have been trying to determine why testers like this one seem to give me more trouble than the 5 or 6 min AMRAPs that I do at 85% during training.  I thought it might be the fact that it was a tester and that I am going faster than 85% but I have tried to keep it at 85% in the past.  I believe that I have determined that the number of consecutive reps and the turnover of certain movements causes me to fatigue/redline quicker.  For instance, last week I had 7min AMRAPs (similar in time domain as today) that contained ring dips, KB Swings, and Situps (each 10reps).  I was able to get about 7 rounds in this AMRAP.  I think the difference between that workout and this one is the overall power output of the box jumps/KB swings and the amount of consecutive reps in a row.  I see it as a pot of boiling water.  Add the heat (reps) in small doses and the water never boils.  Keep the heat (reps) on for a long enough period of time, eventually the pot will boil over (redline).  In addition to this, my lower back seized up half way through.  I was able to grit through the workout but I was out of commision for 10minutes afterward until I finally got my lower back to loosen.  I think multiple extensions at the top of the box jumps might have been the culprit, though it's hard to say exactly.  All in all, I need more exposure to this because if the Open is anything like last year, there are going to be a lot of consecutive reps, geared toward making you red line.

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