Saturday, January 21, 2012

Training: 1/21/2012

AM Training:
A. Build to Heavy Single Snatch + 5x1 @ 85% (195lbs. + 165lbs.)
B. Build to Heavy Single Clean and Jerk + 5x1 @ 85% (265lbs. + 235lbs.)
C. Back Squat: 6x2 @ 20x0; rest 60sec (speed) (205lbs.)

Notes: It seems I really don't have a ton of energy on Saturday morning after teaching classes.  I seem to have trouble getting fired up on Saturday mornings.  Sleep hasn't been great the past couple of night's either.  Snatch is still forward a little bit.  Didn't realize that it was being caused by an early pull until I went back down and hit some singles.  Need to wait until the bar is all the way up into the lower stomach.  Didn't have the back/legs to hit any big cleans today.  The clean is getting better, but I can't catch in a good position in order to hit the front squat.  Back squats felt fast.

PM Training:
5 sets:
20 Burpees AFAP
5x10m Shuttle Runs
rest 6min

Notes: I really went all out on the burpees.  From the first set I was thinking speed.  The first set of sprints, I forgot to really pull my feet off the ground.  After the first set, I felt much faster.  After set 2, the intervals really hurt.  REALLY hurt.  Had to lay down in bed for 15minutes after this workout to stop my head from pounding.

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