Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Training: 1/17/2012

3 sets, without coming off the rings*:
AMRAP Strict Muscle-Ups
AMRAP Kipping Muscle-Ups
AMRAP Ring Dips
AMSAP Ring L-sit
AMRAP Strict Pullups
AMRAP Kipping Pullups

rest 5 min b/t sets

*Start @ hang, do strict MU first, switch to kipping, end on top of the rings for the dips. Once done with the L-sit, lower to hang w/o letting go and begin the strict PUs, etc.  If you do not end on top of the rings(by failing a MU), your set is over early.

Strict MU and strict Pullups=16 points each
Kipping MU and Pullups=8 points each
Ring Dips=4 points each
L-Sit & L-Hang=2 points every 5 seconds

Round 1: 188
Round 2: 183
Round 3: 179

AMRAP (-2) Ring Dips x 3, rest 60 sec (15,11,12)
Sled Pull Practice - set up with rope, may pull standing or seated.  Complete 5 tough pulls. (used 155lbs. on sled)

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