Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Training: 1/10/2012

A. Hang Power Clean: 3,2,2,1; rest 2min (215,225,235,255)
B. No ft. Rope Climb: 3x20' AFAP; rest 4min (9sec)
C. 12-1 CTB Pullups Ladder (3:38)

Notes: Fired up for some lifting today.  Unfortunately, I left out the final single because I forgot I had two singles in the workout, not one.  I am still scooping weird, causing the bar to be out in front just a little.  Hopefully, I can get the sequencing right in a couple of weeks at the Pendlay Seminar that I signed up for.  No ft. rope climbs were tough on the chest and back.  As was the ladder.  I couldn't sustain a good butterfly for some reason today.  Maybe from the rope climbs before hand.

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