Monday, January 23, 2012


This past weekend, I got a chance to watch some darn good football.  I noticed a few things:
  • Ray Lewis is the man....hopefully he gets one more shot next year to go out on a high note
  • The Patriots thumped the Ravens in the run game yesterday.  To the untrained eye, you must be saying, "They should have loaded the box!"  Not so fast.  The Raven were forced in to Nickel Coverage (more DBs on the field) to compensate for Tom Brady and the tight end tandem of Hernandez and Gronkowski.  This left guys like Benjarvus Green-Ellis available to run the ball down the Ravens throat.  Moral of the story, even when Brady has an "off-day", he still effects the game.
  • Though I have rode Eli Manning harder than Seattle Slew throughout his career, he has become an elite quarterback in the NFL.  It isn't always the prettiest, but there is no one who has been been playing better on A) third down and B) last two minutes of a half this season.  He got shallaked yesterday and made all the necessary plays to keep the Giants in it.  Do we need to compare Eli and Peyton now? Absolutely not, what Peyton has done with the little resources he has is remarkable.  All I am saying is now Eli is a top 8 QB in the league.
  • Why can Packers jump into the stands at Lambeau Field, but Vernon Davis can't stand on a camera stand? 
  • When did Brandon Jacobs become such a powder puff?  This guy was a nightmare for DBs in the past (6'5" 270lbs.), now he tries to run laterally and looks like an old man getting tackled by a rent-a-cop at Target for trying to steal a tube of toothpaste.  Sack-up and lower your shoulder.
  • I hate to say it, but the year of the GOAT kicker continues.  I ranted last year about how kickers, on numerous occasions, blew there teams hopes on make-able field goals.   Yesterday was no exception with Cundif shanking a 31 yard field goal.  If you told me that the Patriots were going to turn the ball over more times, Joe Flacco would outplay Brady, and Gronkowski would be kept out of the end-zone, I would have bet the farm on the Ravens.  Guess that's why they play the game.
Superbowl Prediction:
Though it's a bit early for a Super Bowl pick, I really like the G-Men right now.  Eli showed a lot of guts yesterday (20 knockdowns , 0 Turnovers), the D-line is hitting on all cylinders, and the Giants have sold me on having the most solid receiving core in the NFL.  Not to mention they are playing with a chip on their shoulders after beating the undefeated Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.

Giants 20, Patriots 17

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  1. Yesterdays victory over the Ravens was actually their first win of the year against a team with a winning record. I find that astounding. The Giants have 3 legit receivers, a QB who is borderline "elite" and possibly best front four in the NFL. They just beat the two best teams in the NFC (at least who made the playoffs--I'd contend that the eagles were the best team at end of year the way they thumped the Giants). They can get to Brady while only rushing 4 guys..that's a big deal. I like them to win also and will definitely be taking the 3. ...personally I thought Ray Lewis looked old. Patrick Willis on the other hand.....