Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rest Day

Today was my rest day.  After a crappy night's sleep (8 tacos and a half a bar of dark chocolate an hour before bed will do that to you) I got up early and planned out my day.  I knew I couldn't sit around, so I decided after meeting with a client to go to the pool and swim, and hit the hot tub up.  I worked on technique and breathing, mixing in some kick boarding to loosen up my hips and legs.  I am going to do this on off days from now on, since I have been feeling less than fresh the day after rest days.

Afterward I stopped by whole foods and picked up plenty of goodies for today:

Here is what I ate today:
Breakfast (7am): 5 oz. cod, 1 med. orange, 6oz. butternut squash, 4oz. sweet potato
Snack (12pm): 4oz. applegate farms prosciutto, 1 med. banana
Lunch (1:30pm): 8oz. beef stew, 1 cup coconut ice cream
Lunch Part 2 (4pm): chicken pad tai (5oz. chicken, mixed veggies), 4oz. butternut squash, 2oz. guacamole
Snack (5pm): 1.5 oz. dried mango
Dinner: 12oz. chicken/asparagus mix, 8oz. sweet potato
Dessert: small apple, 2 tbsp. coconut butter

  I am going to train harder than I ever have before, I don't want to let this guy down..........

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