Monday, December 31, 2012


HRV: 93 (-1/amber)
HR: 60


A1. Front Squat: 6 x 5 @30X0, rest 2 min (185,205,225,245,247.5,250)
A2. Tucked Cranks: 6 x amrap(-2) @2121, rest 2 min (6x3)
B. Power Clean + Strict Press @155lbs: 3 x 1 + amrap; rest 3 min (7,7,7)
C. Power Clean @225lbs: 3 x amrap in 60 sec; rest 60 sec (9,5,5)

Notes: Felt pretty fired up going into this workout, but the front squats got to me.  Just a tough tempo and movement.  Tucked cranks weren't too bad and I focused on using the lats to control the eccentric.

Power Clean and strict press went well.  Was able to be consistant from set to set with solid reps and full lock outs.  One thing I needed to focus on was not overextending from my lower back, and rather extend through my thoracic.  

I knew that the power cleans were going to suck.  I haven't worked on ANY capacity work, and it was interesting to see how this would go, especially after a ton of front squats.  My pull in the clean is still a hair off, preventing me from getting back under the bar with my elbows high.  I don't like to catch with low elbows because it jacks up my wrists.  When the pull is off and the legs are fatigued, it gets a little dicey.  Need to figure out that pull!!!!!!  This is only a starting point, so spirits are still high heading into the new year.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rest Day: 12/30/2012

HRV: 94 (+7/green)
HR: 57

Notes: Felt good today.  A bit tired, but feeling good.  Ready to train tomorrow.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Training: 12/29/2012

Made of white gold...........

HRV: 87 (-6/amber)
HR: 63


15 min Z1 warmup
12 sec Low Prowler Push tough/rest 'til HR 135 x 8 (used 50lbs.)
5 min active rest--
Row 5k @75% (19:59.8)

Notes:  Woke up this morning a bit earlier than normal.  Got up and got to the gym.  Warmed up with 15min of airdyne, row, skipping rope, light wall balls, and running (1min each).  12sec intervals hurt after set 5.  It was a systemic pain which would lead me to believe that lactate was building in my system.

Felt pretty good on the row.  Held a 2min pace for the first 2500m, then I bumped it up to 2:02.  From there I dropped it one second every 500m.  Heart rate averaged 174 during the 5k, and maxed out at 179.  Felt about 75% during the entire row.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Training: 12/28/2012

HRV: 93 (+5/green)
HR: 56


A1. Back Squat: 3 x 2 @10X0, rest 20 sec (use a weight where the concentric bar speed barely slows by the 2nd rep) (295)
A2. Box Jumps for Height: 3 x 1.1.1; rest 4 min (step down to lower boxes)(42,44.5,46(f))
B. Power Snatch: 1 rep EMOM for 12 min - add as you go (165,170,175,180,185,190,190,195,200,200(f),200(f),200(f),190(f),190,195)
C. Petersen Step-Ups: 3 x 10,8,8 @1010, rest 45 sec b/t legs (135,155,175)

Notes: Weird day today.  Felt strong today, but lacked mental focus.  I suppose getting lousy sleep the last couple of nights has caught up to me.  

Squats felt pretty good though my glutes were firing as sharply as usual.  Didn't warm-up properly for the box jumps, just "jumped" right into it and didn't build up.  This threw me off a bit.  

Second time hitting snatches with tweak in technique.  The sequencing is better but now I have to be more agressive with my hips. I am tentative because I don't want to bump the bar out.  

Step-ups felt good.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Training: 12/27/2012

HRV: 88 (+6/green)
HR: 61

30min Z1 Run (performed after waking, fasted)
15min Mobility

Notes:  Got to sleep a little late last night but still had a pretty good night's sleep.   Felt good to get out and run on a cool crisp morning.  Body felt good.  Breathing was fine and kept my HR under 140.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Training: 12/26/2012

HRV: 83 (-18/amber)
HR: 62

A1. Press: 5 x 3,1,2,1,6; rest 2 min (180,192.5,190,207.5,185(5))
A2. Tucked Cranks: 5 x amrap @3131, rest 2 min (failure of tempo) (5x3)
B. Tucked Front Lever Negatives: 1 every min for 6 min, 6 sec negative. Tuck as needed to hit rep speed goal.
C. L-Pullups: complete 20 perfect reps (complete)

Notes: Ate late last night and woke up at 4am.  Was in and out of sleep until about 7am when I decided to get out of bed.  HRV was amber, but since there was a ton of volume today, I decided to play it by ear when I started warming up.

Press felt pretty solid today, though my shoulders were a bit achy.  Tucked crank were okay, L position felt good, but it gets messy on the transition from the L to the tuck.  My body can't decide which muscles it wants to use.  

Front lever negatives felt better today than last week.  I figured out that essentially, the body moves independent of the shoulders in order to stay in hollow position.  For the L-pullups, I focused on keeping a better foot height and tighter L.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Rest Day: 12/25/2012

HRV: 101 (+5/green)
HR: 55

Notes: Merry Christmas

Monday, December 24, 2012

Training: 12/24/2012

HRV: 96 (-/green) (seems that my heart rate chest strap was whacked out so I took out the battery and it seems to be working correctly now)
HR: 55

A. Back Squat: 5 x 3,1,2,1,6; rest 4min (305, 325, 325, 345, 305)
B. Hang Power Clean + Jerk: 3 x 2 + 1; rest 3 min (235, 250, 267.5 (f))
C. Airdyne 2 min @85%aerobic/rest until HR returns to 130bpm x 5 (track cals/rest time)
1. 44/:52
2. 43/:56
3. 46/1:03
4. 45/ :58
5. 45/ :54
Mobility work - hip focus (SMFR, pelvic tilts, long lunge stretches)

Notes: Felt pretty sharp today but my strength was just not there.  Must be the three days in a row training, otherwise, I had a very solid training session today.  

Back squat technique is feeling solid.  No knee buckling of the knees, back is staying nice and neutral.  Just need to keep getting stronger with this technique.  The set of 6 reps almost made me puke out of my eyes.

Still getting used to keeping hips back during the pull for hang power cleans, so as the weight got heavier, I had a harder time staying over the bar.  A few more touches here and I know I will be squared away.  Tough getting momentum from the high hang but hitting 267.5 is nice in itself.  Just a hair away from hitting for a double.  

Airdyne felt good.  Hit a couple of sets at 65 and 75% before getting into the intervals.  Heart rate maxed out at 178 BPM but my heart rate came down each time in less than a minute for all but one interval.  Increasing the duration but keeping the power output the same gives me good confidence that I am increasing my fitness.  Hit some hip mobility afterward.

Training: 12/23/2012

HRV: Not working

15 min Z1 warmup
10 sec Low Prowler Push tough/rest 'til HR 135 x 15 (100lbs.)
5 min active rest--
25 min Versa-Climber - slow cadence, high resistance. (HR <165 40lb.="40lb." b="b" bmp="bmp" vest="vest" w="w" weight="weight">

Notes: Woke up this morning feeling okay, but a bit tired.  Went to bed at 10pm and didn't wake up until 7:15am.  I guess I was catching up on sleep from the day before when I woke up at 5am.     

Got to the gym and did some running, airdyne, and rowing to warm-up.  Didn't have great energy.  Loaded up the prowler and got to work.  Felt okay during prowler pushes, but couldn't dig too deep.

The versa-climber was absolutely miserable today.  I didn't get my HR up over 165 the entire time despite pushing the pace.  I really had to set micro-goals and "Rory Hanlin" this workout.  Took it one minute at a time and counted the reps to get through it.  Felt good afterward with a sense of a accomplishment.  

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Training: 12/22/2012

HRV:Not working

A1. Back Squat: 5 x 3 @10X0, rest 20 sec (use a weight where the concentric bar speed barely slows by the 3rd rep) (275x5)
A2. Box Jumps for Height: 5 x 1.1.1; rest 4 min (step down to lower boxes) (37.5, 40", 42", 44", 44.5" (f))
B. Power Snatch: 2 reps every 2 min for 20 min - add, try to complete the reps in the 1st 30 sec (115, 120, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 150, 155, 160, 170, 175, 180, 180, 180, 180, 180, 180, 180, 185)
C. Petersen Step-Ups: 3 x 12,10,8 @1010, rest 45 sec b/t legs (115,135,155)

Notes: Woke up early and got to the gym to warm-up.  Cold down south now so it is taking a little longer to get a sweat going.  Had good energy going into the workout.

Back squat feeling very good, but I had a bit of tenderness in my L5-S1 after squatting.  I think the heavier back squats going right into hip extension tweaked the small muscles between my lower vertebrae.  Nothing real bad, just tender.  

Tweaked my lifting technique and it seems to be helping.  Missed two lifts going up, but came back to hit them.  Limiter here was keeping the bar height so I didn't have to squat all the way down.  Went TnG for almost all reps.  Want to get used to bringing the bar back down properly.

Petersen step-ups felt good, with more emphasis on quad this week, rather than calf.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Rest Day: 12/21/2012

HRV: 93 (-6/green) acting up this morning
HR: 60

Notes:  Had a little trouble going to bed last night.  I think I had a little anxiety with the world ending today and all.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Training: 12/20/2012

HRV: 100 (+6)/green)
HR: 52

A1. Press: 5,3,1,3,5 @ 20x1; rest 2min (160,170,190,180,172.5)
A2. Tucked Cranks: 5xAMRAP @ 3131; rest 2min (3,3,2,3,3,)
B1. Push Press: 3x3 @ 63x1; rest 2min (pause 3 counts out sticking point) (175,175,180)
B2. L-Pullups: 3x12; rest 2min (rest as needed to complete perfect reps)
C. Front Lever Tucked Negative: EMOM x 6 @ 6sec negative

Notes:  Woke up with pain in my jaw.  Thought it might be an ear infection, but it looks like it is tightness and inflammation in the TMJ.  I will have to have my chiropractor look at it the next time I see him.  I hear that ART in this area is the most painful spot. Must be happening during sleep because I am not clenching my jaw during the day.  

Felt pretty good otherwise.  I warmed up with some muscle ups and double unders after hitting some mobility.  Press went pretty well.  I think 172.5 for 5 might be my best yet, but I will have to look back through my training logs.  Tucked cranks were tricky.  Couldn't really get from the L position, into the front lever without letting my hips drop.  

Push press felt good.  Strong on the way up and at the sticking point.  In looking at the video, the L-pullups weren't as sharp as I had originally thought.  Legs look a little low though when I was performing them, they felt very high.  The fatigue from the cranks probably threw me off.  Need to be more cognizant of the legs being above parallel.

Front lever tucks went okay.  Needed to tuck more as the minutes went on to ensure proper tempo.  Lats were smoked by the end. 

Training: 12/19/2012

HRV: 94.1 (+13/green)
HR: 60

Airdyne 10 min @Z1
Airdyne 90 sec @85%aerobic/rest until HR returns to 130bpm x 12 (track cals/rest time)
Run 15 min @Z1


SetCalsRecovery Time
       1      30         ?
       2      29         :42
       3      32         :42
       4      32         :45
       5      32         :51
       6      33         :60
       7          34         :52
       8      34         :52
       9      35         :?



Notes: Got up, had a shake and got to warming up.  Hit a 5min Z1 session that did some mobility to warm-up the lower back, hips, and quads.  Went back to the airdyne and did two 90sec intervals, increasing the intensity each time to cage the intensity of the session.  First couple of intervals were okay, and recovered fairly quickly.  I got into the swing of things around set 5.  Limiter seemed to be burning in the VMOs, but I am quickly realizing that this is always going to happen, and I just have to get used to it.  It doesn't mean, however, that I am going to spill over.  That is an entirely different feeling.  Stayed on the bike from intervals, all the way through the cooldown.  Seems like I am becoming acclimated to going long again (back to my triathlon days).

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Training: 12/18/2012

HRV: 93 (+13/green)
HR: 57

A. Back Squat: 5 x 5,3,1,3,5 @30X2; rest 5 min
B. Back Squat Eccentrics: 3 x 1 @50A0, rest 3 min
notes-hooks, or leave on pins and re-load. Add per set if you can show full control.
C. Back Squat: 1 x 8-10 @30X0
D. Hang Power Clean + Jerk: 4 x 2 + 1; rest 3 min

Notes: Woke up this morning at about 6:30 and took my HRV.   HR was a lot lower and there was a lot more variability than yesterday.  Felt pretty good getting out of bed, and knowing that I had to train today made it even more exciting.  

I tweaked my squatting technique last week and I decided to stick with it for today's squatting workout.  I drive my hips back a bit in the initiation of the squat, and then it is bending the knees from there.  I notice on film that this prevents the knees from excessively driving out and then dipping in on the concentric movement.  The hamstrings and glutes felt much more load as well. Felt strong in position of the torso as well.  I think I am going to be sticking with this from now on.  I might have been able to go heavier, but with other technique, I was having trouble at these weights.  Today, it was cheesecake.

I felt the biggest difference in the back squat eccentric with heavy weight.  I was able to control the weight all the way to the bottom this week with heavier weight.  Ten rep set was easier than last week at 225lbs..

As for the HPC, it felt light today.  The only miscue I had was the first set at 265lbs..  I didn't continue to drive the knees back as I brought my hips through and this sent the bar out front causing the miss.  I think I had a lot more in me today, but decided to call it after I hit 265lbs. my second time.  I have to remind myself, "Drive the knees back and continue extension with the hips!"

Monday, December 17, 2012

Training: 12/17/2012

HRV: 80 (-/red)
HR: 63


Notes: Taking today off.  I went to bed at 10pm and woke up a little before 8am.  Feel pretty good, but I am going to listen to the HRV and take today to recover.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rest Day: 12/16/2012

HRV: 80 (-20/amber)
HR: 59

Notes: had one shot of tequila last night.  Woke up at 5am and I felt like absolute garbage.  Struggled with queazy stomach all day.  Back to training.....

Training: 12/15/2012

HRV: 98.2 (-1/green)
HR: 60.6

15min Z1 Warm-up
Low Bar Heavy Prowler Push x 10sec
rest until HR dips back under 130
-rest 5min
20min Versa Climber (HR between 160-170)

Notes: Woke up and got right to the gym to start my workout.  Did a mix modal Z1 warm-up.  Hit the prowler pushes with 70lbs. on the prowler.  Footing was tough.  Took approximately :50sec each time to recover my heart rate.  Heart rate got up a bit on the versa climber, but I controlled my heart rate by breathing in, holding for a count, and then slowly letting the air out.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Training: 12/14/2012

HRV: Not working

A.  2 Power Snatch: EMOM x 20min (add per set) (155,160,165,170(1),170,170,175,175,175,175,175,180,180,180,180,165,165,165)
B1. Back Squat: 5x5 @ 10x0; rest 20sec (use weight with fast, constant concentric) (205,225x4)
B2. Box Jumps for height: 5x1.1.1; rest 4min (step down) (33,36,39,42,44)
C. Petersen Step-ups: 3x15,12,10 @ 1010; rest 45sec b/t legs (95,105,125)

Notes: I left my heart rate monitor in the living room so I didn't bother taking my HRV today.  I felt pretty good, and body felt surprisingly fresh.

Warmed up with some jump roping and slam balls.  Then hit a bit of mobility.  I think my brain was not working because I thought that this workout was not going to be that taxing.  I figured I would be going much heavier than I did, but boy was this workout tough.  Started lighter, but the little tweak in technique that I have been practicing hasn't quite taken hold yet.  I can see when I miss that the hips go to the bar, but I think this happens because I don't push far enough back with the bar, and as I initiate the pull, my hips travel forward.  

I tweaked my form on my back squats pushing the hips back and staying back to load more of the butt and hamstrings.  This felt solid today, but I am not sure if it allows me to stay as vertical.  I will play around with it some more.  Box jumps felt very good.  Petersen step ups were okay.  Tough on the quads, but nothing crazy.  

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Training: 12/13/2012

HRV: 100 (+4/green)
HR: 52

Lactate Threshold Test
**I will put together an entire post on this later this weekend.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Training: 12/12/2012

HRV: 96 (-2/green)
HR: 58

A1. Press: 4,2,4,1 @ 20x1; rest 2min (165,185,175,195,207.5(f))
A2. Pull to Inversion: 4xAMRAP @ 3131; rest 2min (4,3,3,3)
B1. Push Press: 3x3 @ 60x1; rest 2min (205(2), 195, 200)
B2. Front Lever Negatives: 3x3 @ 61x1; rest 2min (1, 2xhalf tuck)
C. L-Pullups: 30 reps w/ perfect technique, rest as needed

Notes: Got a good night's sleep.  Had a eye cover by my bed and I put it on when I woke up in the morning so I didn't let the light wake me up.  Got up and ate right away.  Waited about 2.5 hours and then started to warm-up for my workout.  I think full emptying of the gut allowed for a better workout.  Need to let myself digest a bit longer more consistently (which means getting up eating and then taking enough time before the workout).  

Press felt pretty good today.  195 was like butter, but new PB was just out of reach for today.  I found that the ring inversion are also just outside my reach.  I can get to parallel to the ground, but then I don't have enough strength in my lats to start inverting. 

Push presses were brutal with the long tempo.  Found that my stick point in the press was also the hardest spot to control during the push press negatives.  Went down in weight after the first set to allow for full control during my stick point.  Couldn't control the negatives on the front levers so I switched to 1/2 tuck after the first set.  Again, the lats are just not strong enough yet.

L-pullups felt very good.  The first two sets I noticed I felt it much more in my arms and biceps.  After that I though about using more of my back and the fatigue in my arms decreased.  Performed the 30 reps in sets of 5 and it took a total of 7:30 to complete, making sure to keep a proper L position on each rep.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Training: 12/11/2012

Just me, the airdyne, and some tunes.......

HRV: 97.4
HR: 54

10min Z1 Airdyne
10 sets:
90sec @ 85%
rest until HR reaches 130 BPM ...


Set Cals Recovery Time
       1       33          :52
       2       34           ?
       3       33          :48
       4       33          :52
       5       34          :50
       6       33          :53
       7           34          :60
       8       34          :58
       9       35          :60
      10       34          :53

Notes: Felt pretty good this morning though I woke up early again.  Went to my doc and go some ART, then came home and hit this workout on my Airdyne in may garage (usually use the one at the gym which is a bit newer).  My Airdyne doesn't have watts, so I used RPMs instead to track my cadence during the intervals.  The calorie count is probably a little different as well, so it would be hard to compare this week and last week on that basis.  However, the recovery times were a little bit longer this week, with my heart rate was higher on average than last week (maxed out at 180 on a few sets).  Didn't really feel lactic on any of these sets so I didn't pay it mind.  What I did focus on was trying to get my heart rate back down as quickly as possible.  On a few sets I stood around, while others I sat on the Airdyne and focused on "breathing"my heart rate back down.  Good effort today.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Training: 12/10/2012

HRV: 94 (-/green)
HR: 58

A. Back Squat: 4,2,4,1 @ 30x2; rest 5min (295,325,305,345(f))
B. Back Squat Eccentrics: 3x1 @ 50A0; rest 3min (365,345,345)
C. Back Squat: 1x8-10 @ 30x0 (255)
D. Hang Power Clean + Jerk: 4x3+1; rest 3min (215,230,240,255)

Notes: Had a decent night's sleep last night but I was feeling a little off mentally.  Got to gym and got a good warm-up in.  Noticed that my strength felt good, but mentally was just not there.  My body just wouldn't respond.  Could have been lack of rest this weekend, or it could be just a low in training.  Squats felt heavy today.  I find that higher reps/tempo are fine, but just putting a heavy bar on my back is HARD.  Bottom of squat just isn't strong on the eccentric.  Once I get below parallel, I can't really stop the bar.  Felt good on the set of 10 though, hitting a solid, tough weight.

Hang power cleans were a little off today.  Not staying back and through my heels as I bring my hips through, throwing the bar out a bit.  

*** through in some C.o.C. training between sets of back squats.  5reps with #1 each hand between sets.  After the workout I did 3 sets of wrist roller w/ 30lbs.  Going to be throwing this in the twice a week during lower body workout.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rest Day: 12/9/2012

HRV: None (no HR monitor)

Notes: left my heart rate monitor at the gym so I didn't take my HRV today.  Got to bed early last night (9:45pm) and woke up really early (5am).  Felt pretty good this morning and I think overeating yesterday on clean foods was definitely beneficial.  Body feels good.  I am thinking of doing some light stretch today and then just relaxing.  Anxious to find out what my next phase in training will look like.

Training: 12/8/2012

HRV: 85 (-15/green)
HR: 61

45min Z1 Work

Notes: Woke up this morning feeling pretty good.  HRV was really reading my heart rate (probably too low).  It took about 15minutes to get a reading and when it did I was at -15.  I had recovery work today anyway so I didn't mind either way.  Had just airdyne scheduled but I decided to change it up for the first 35 minutes and did mixed modal work (airdyne, row, rope skipping, stair climb, and run).  The last 10minutes was spent on the airdyne.  Felt pretty good but I know I have to eat more since I am down a few pounds.  Long week with little time for food.  Have to be careful with this!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Training: 12/7/2012

HRV: 99 (+5/green)
HR: 54
Click Test: 86

A. Snatch: 5-7 x 1.1 (moderate, go be feel); rest 2min (155,170,180,190,200,210(1),210)
B. Back Squat: 5,5,5,5,10-12 @ 20x0; rest 2min (275,275,275,275, 225)
C1. Cyclist Squats: 3x3 @ 5010; rest 90sec (185,205,225)
C2. Wtd. Wide Grip Pullups: 3x 1.1.1 @ 20x1; rest 90sec (70(2),70(2), 58)

Notes: snatches felt good today.  Shoulders were a bit fatigued from the workout the other day so my catch was a little soft.  I can probably get the bar in the hips a little deeper further back into my heels, but for the first time snatching since this summer, I am pretty pleased.  Speed was good.

Back squats were a little tough today.  Wanted to keep the bar speed up so I didn't have any "grinder" reps.  Focused on the glutes the entire time during the cyclist squats.  Wide grip pullups were tough today.  Guess Wednesday had a greater effect on me than I thought.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Training: 12/6/2012

HRV: 94 (+5/green)
HR: 57
Click Test: 84

Notes: Much better sleep last night.  Woke up and the throat felt much better.  Day off from training and no personal training.  Gonna overeat and have some coffee.  Good day to be alive!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Training: 12/5/2012

HRV: 90 (+8/green)
HR: 56
Click Test: 90

A. Strict Muscle Ups: 3x6; rest 3min
B1. Press: 6x1.1.1; rest 90sec (170,175,180,182.5, 185 (2), 185)
B2. 360 Pulls, 1/2 Tucked: 6x1.1.1.1; rest 90sec
C1. DB Incline Cuban Press: 3x4-6 @ 2011; rest 60sec (15)
C2. KB Side Bends: 3x8/side @ 2020; rest 60sec (106)

Notes: Woke up with a swollen tonsil.  Didn't prevent me from training but I know I am going to need a good night's sleep.  Kept breakfast light and I felt very good in my workout today. 

Last couple of sets of muscle ups were tough but got through all reps.  Press felt good today and I was able to keep good extension through my thoracic.  The 3rd and 4th rep of each set of the pulls were rough.  Definitely tough on my abs.  

No problems on the cuban press and side bends.

Training: 12/4/2012

HRV: 82 (-15/amber)
HR: 62
Click Test: 90

10min Z1 Airdyne
Airdyne 90sec @ 85%
rest until HR returns to 130 bpm
x 8sets
15min Z1 Airdyne

Cals  41       41    37    37    37    38   37   36
Time 1:00  1:00  :52  :52   :52   :52  :50 :52

Notes:  Had to pick up roomate from airport the night before and I got a crappy night's the night before.  Quads filled quickly with blood and that seemed to be the limiting factor in my pace.  However, I definitely feel that my ability to deal with the localized fatigue has gotten better since hitting the versa climber consistently.  Heart rate got up to 174 most times and recovered to "recovery" pace in under a minute.  Might have gone too quickly out the gate on the first two.   

Monday, December 3, 2012

Training: 12/3/2012

HRV: 97 (-3/green)
HR: 54
New Click Test: 90

A. Back Squat: Work to 1RM @ 31x0 (315,335(f))
B. Back Squat Eccentrics: Max @ 60A0 (335, 357.5 (only 4.5 sec)
C. Hand Power Clean + Jerk: 4x3+1; rest 3min (205,225,235,245)
D. Front Squat 1 1/4: 3x3 @ 32x0; rest 2min (mod. weight) (175,195,205)

Notes: Woke up at a reasonable time and ate breakfast early.  Did a little mobility at my house, then headed to the gym.  Warmed up with some high box jumps and ball slams.  Body felt very good today and mental acuity was there.  The pause at the bottom made for a tough concentric.  Probably could have hit 325, but I know 335 felt heavy.  

It was tough to dance the line on the eccentric overload.  You want to hold the tempo at the bottom, but you also don't want your hips to explode out of your ass.  

Tried the bounce technique on the HPC for the first set, but I felt like my traps would be ripped off.  Wasn't quite sweeping the bar enough and my hips were getting a little away from me.  Overall though I thought first time out with new technique, weights went up pretty well.  

No problems on 1 1/4 front squats.  Tough to get a feel for what muscles are supposed to be used here.

Rest Day: 12/2/2012

HRV: 100 (+12/green)
HR: 49
New Click Test: 90

Notes: Got to sleep late Saturday because I was watching the American Open.  Also ate bread. Felt like I didn't have any mental focus all day. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012


HRV: 88 (-7/amber)
HR: 58.5
Click Test: 81

20min Versa-Climber (slow cadence, high resistance)
rest 8min
x 2 sets

Notes: Overate a little last night and had a bit of restless sleep.  Got up feeling okay however and did well on my click test so I decided to go at my workout unchanged.  Warmed up with an 800m run and then did a few minutes of foam rolling.  Threw the 40lb. weight vest on and got to work.  Since it was a longer interval I threw the lap top next to me and watched 30 for 30 9.79*.  Got threw the intervals with no real problem although it was tough to keep my heart rate down without keeping the cadence at around 40 rpm.  Feeling very good with these intervals and just judging from warm-up runs, my breathing is very solid right now.    

Friday, November 30, 2012

Training: 11/30/2012

HRV: 94 (-5/green)
HR: 53.6
Click Test: 78

A. Snatch off blocks (mid-thigh): 5x1.1 (moderate); rest 2min (185,195(1), 195, 202.5, 205)
B. Back Squat: 8,8,6,6 @ 20x0; rest 2min 65-80%RM (255,275,285,300)
C1. Cyclist Squats: 4x3 @ 5010; rest 90sec (185,195,205,215)
C2. Wtd. Wide Grip Pullups: 3,2,1,AMRAP @ BWT @ 20x1; rest 90sec (53,63,73,10)
D. KB Windmills: Heavy 4/side-perfect reps (70lbs. both hands)

Notes: Slept pretty well last night, but just couldn't wait to get out of bed and work out.  Did some lateral banded walks before my workout to wake up the glutes.  Squat felt really good.  I was talking to Coach Don McCauley about technique last week and was interested to see what kind of changes it would make.  I focused on pushing back, sweeping the bar in, and then squeezing my butt to open my hips (something I picked up on this week during power cleans).  A lot of solid pulls today, but my catch was just off.  Could have been fatigue, or it just could have been that I was not used to the bar being in that receiving position.  

Lower back was money today so I went after it on the squats.  Hit some solid weights today but I was disappointed I had to pause on my final set of squats.  Cyclist squats were better than last week.  Forearms were limiting factor on amrap pullups.

Tougher to keep the left arm locked out during the KB windmills.  No real other problems otherwise.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rest Day: 11/29/2012

HRV: 99 (-/green)
HR: 50
Click Test: 76

Training: 11/28/2012

HRV: 100 (+8/green)
HR: 53
Click Test: 81

A. Strict Muscle Ups: 3xAMRAP(-1); rest 3min (5,5,5)
B1. Press: 5x1.1.1 @ 20x1; rest 90sec (165,180,180,182.5,185)
B2. 360 Pulls, 1/2 tucked: 5x1.1.1.1; rest 90sec (4,4,4,4,4)
C1. Wtd. Bar Dips: 3x8-10 @ 20x0; rest 60sec (44,49,54)
C2. Pendlay Rows: 3x4-6 @ 11x0; rest 60sec (135,145,155)
D1. DB Inc. Cuban Press: 3x4-6 @ 2011; rest 60sec (15x3)
D2. DB Side Bends: 3x8/side @ 2020; rest 30sec b/t sides then 60sec (96x3)

Notes: Went to bed on time last night and woke up right around 6am with very little desterbances throughout the night.  Didn't overeat the night before and was very relaxed before hand.  Woke up feeling good and ready to train.

Warmed up the back, thorax, and forearms and got to work on muscle ups.  They felt very strong, but I made sure not to go toward failure.  Once I practice kipping again, I know I will have a good capacity here.

Press was TOUGH today.  Doing clusters is a WHOLE different ball game then sets of 2 or 3.  Putting down the weight and starting from 0 tension/rebound each time it hard.  Had to really tough out the last 4 sets.  Happy with my effort here.

The extra 360 pull each set was taxing.  Tough on the back today (maybe a little fried from versa climber?).  

Dips felt good today.  Burned like hell, but 10 reps usually does regardless of the weight if you are doing them without pauses.  Rows felt better today.

Slowed down the reps on the cuban press and I was able to control the weight a lot more easily.  Tough but felt good.  Side bends felt good this week.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Training: 11/27/2012

HRV: 92 (-6/green)
HR: 59
Click Test: 81

AM Training:
12min Versa Climber (low cadence-high resistance-HR 150-160)
rest 8min
x 3sets
(set 1: no vest, set 2/3: 40lb. vest)

Notes:  Woke up a 2am last night and couldn't get back to sleep.  Ate too much too late and my stomach was dancing in the middle of the night.  Got back to sleep around 4:30 then woke up at 8am for my chiropractic session.  Hit the first workout afterward.  Had pretty good energy coming into the workout.  New what was to come so I was in a decent state of mind.  Warmed up with a 400m empty prowler push.  Boy did this get my calves COOKING!  Took about 6min which was a perfect warm-up for the versa climber.  Our VC doesn't have resistance settings so I was pondering whether or not to wear a weight vest.  I did the first set with cadence around 70-75 and my heart rate was barely geting into the 140s.  Decided to throw on a 40lb. weighted vest it lower the cadence for the next couple of sets.  That did the trick.  Cadence dropped to 55 and heart rate sat between 150 and 160.  It was a pretty terrible experience, but I grow more confident in my abilities after a workout like this.

PM Training:
5min Z1 Row
600m @ 75%
rest 2min
5min Z1 Row

Notes: Held 2:22 for all 600s (roughly a 2:00/500m pace).  No real trouble on this.  Kept my HR under 160.  Focused on good technique and breathing.  

Monday, November 26, 2012

Training: 11/26/2012

HRV: 98 (+5/green)
HR: 52
Click Test: 76

A. Power Clean + Jerk: 5x3+1; rest 3min (185,215,225,230,235)
B. Back Squat: 8,6,6,4 @ 30x1; rest 3min (240,270,280,300)
C. BB Split Squat: 2x4-6 @ 30x0; rest 90sec b/t legs (150,160)
D. Front Squat 1 1/4s: 4x3 @ 32x0; rest 3min (165,185,195,215)

Notes:  Power cleans felt off today.  I know I was working on technique but they just felt slow.  Afterward I realized the problem: I am throwing my hips/thighs into the bar instead of just squeezing my glutes through the bar as it enters my "go zone." Just squeeze the butt, don't throw the hips into the bar.  This is something I am going to have to keep telling myself.  Jerk felt fine.  Light weight.

My back was a bit fried from doing technique work on Sunday, mental note for next Sunday: mobility, no tech work.  Also, my brain was a little fried.  Could have also been from back to back days of coffee (which I don't normally do).  Second set of squats was rough, and I thought I was going to fail on the 3rd set at around rep 4 but was able to pull out 6 reps.  Went for it on the set of 4.

Took a few minutes and loosened up my lower back and then got to the split squats.  Focused on keeping the hips inline and the belly tight.  Definitely helped.  Felt solid.  1 1/4 squats definitely tested my lower back.  Able to go heavier this week than last week.  I need a nap.......

Rest Day: 11/25/2012

HRV: 93 (-7/green)
HR: 56
Click Test: 74

Notes: Woke up feeling pretty good.  Have been getting to bed at 10pm each night and I am getting a much more consistant sleep pattern going.  Went into the gym today to hit about 30minutes of BB tech work with both the snatch and clean.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Training: 11/24/2012

HRV: 100 (+5/green)
HR: 50
Click Test: 71

10min Versa Climber
8min rest
x 3sets

Notes: Sore from yesterday.  Mostly in butt and hips.  Couldn't get heart rate over 145 during training today.  Don't know if this was from becoming acclimated to the versa climber, or I just couldn't get my heart rate up.  Wasn't too bad today, just gets tedious being in one position that long.  Either way, I think I am continuing to increase my aerobic base.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Training: 11/23/2012

HRV: 95.1 (+1/green)
HR: 51
Click Test: 76

A. Snatch from blocks (mid-thigh): 4x1.1; rest 2min (185,190,195,200)
B. Back Squat: 10,10,8,8 @ 20x0; rest 2min (235,255,270,280)
C1. Cyclist Squats: 4x5 @ 5010; rest 90sec (165,170,175,185)
C2. Wtd. Wide Grip Pullups: 4x1-2 @ 20x1; rest 90sec (67,72,72,72)
D. TGU: 10/arm w/ 70lbs.

Notes:  Snatches felt pretty good today.  Pull felt strong.  No misses working up, but forward on the second rep a couple of times.  Tough to get the bar back into the hips with weight in heels when under fatigue.  Back squats were brutal.  Really pushed it here.  Still haven't puked from squatting, but it is on my to-do list.  Short rest time destroyed me.  Dropped the weight down for cyclist squats to keep good technique.   Had trouble just at the top of the pullups.  TGU were really easy on the right side.  Left oblique was noticeably weaker than my right oblique.  Had a really hard time initiating the movement when holding the KB in my left hand.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Training: 11/22/2012

HRV: 94 (+15/green)
HR: 54
Click Test: 74

A. Wtd. Strict Muscle-ups: 3x2-4; rest 3min (20 (4), 22.5 (3), 22.5 (2))
B1. Press: 5x2-3 @ 22x1; rest 90sec (160,165,172.5, 177.5, 182.5)
B2. 360 Pulls, 1/2 Tucked: 5x1.1.1; rest 90sec
C1. Wtd. Dips: 3x10-12 @ 20x0; rest 60sec (26,36,36)
C2. Pendlay Rows: 3x4-6 @ 11x0; rest 2min (115,135,140)
D1. DB Incline Cuban Press: 3x6-8 @ 2011; rest 60sec (15)
D2. DB Side Bends: 3x6/side @ 2020; rest 30sec (96)

Notes: I couldn't wait to get up and train today.  Taking 36 hours off was tough but I know it something I needed to do.  Was a little groggy going into the gym, but that is to expected with time out of the gym.  Strict muscle ups felt good today.  Got through the rings pretty easily with 20lbs, and hit solid reps on heavier weights.

Press felt pretty good.  Though I wasn't "feeling it" as much as last week but I still hit heavier weights.  Getting much better at the 360 pulls.   I was able to keep the body in line today.  

Dips burned bad in the chest.  Pendlay rows tested my positioning, not as much as my back.  DB cuban presses continue to be challenging.  DB Side bends felt pretty good.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rest Day: 11/21/2012

HRV: 78 (-8/red)
HR: 68
Click Test: 79

Notes:  Had a half a tequila and soda last night.  Woke up at 2am and couldn't get back to bed until 4:30am.  Woke up and my heart rate was jacked.  HRV was red, so I am going to push today's workout to tomorrow (Thanksgiving).  I have a new rule here on out: in bed at 10PM!!!! 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Training: 11/20/2012

HRV: 86.8 (-10/amber)
HR: 58.5
Click Test: 75

AM Training:
5min Z1 Row
4 sets:
1000m @ 75%
rest 3min
5min Z1 Row


PM Training:
Run 10min @ Z1
30min Skill Work/Aer Plyos (HR under 140bpm):
GHD Situps
Wtd. Side Planks
HS Walking
Hurdle Jumps
Tumbling: Fwd/Bwd
MB Reverse Tosses
Hollow Holds

Notes: HRV was ambe today so I decided to skip the afternoon workout.  Did the row intervals this morning and I felt a little sluggish during the warm-up.  Not nearly as much fire as I had yesterday, but that is easy to see with row intervals.  I did some EMOM work with heavy KB swings and walls balls to get warm, then hit a little mobility to get the glutes and hams ready.  Legs were a little fatigued from weight training the day before, but I held a 1:55 for most of the row intervals.  HR avg. 156.  

Monday, November 19, 2012

Training: 11/19/2012

HRV: 97 (-1/green)
HR: 57
Click Test: 78

A. Back Squat: 8,8,6,6 @ 30x1; rest 2-3min (heavier if good recruiting) (215,235,265,285)
B. BB Split Squat: 2x4-6/leg @ 30x0; rest 90sec b/t legs (145,150)
C. Front Squat 1 1/4: 4x3 @ 32x0; rest 3min (165,185,185,205)
D. RDL: 3x5 @ 4010; rest 2min (195,215, 255)
E. Yoke Carry: 6x20sec; rest 1min (305,325,345,365,395,415)

Notes: Finally got a good night's sleep.  Woke up feeling fresh and ready to train.  Got to the gym and warmed up with some run sprints and HSPU, EMOM.  My legs were a little tired from squatting on Saturday, so I threw in an extra warm-up set so I would be right around the weights I would be hitting in my work sets.  Squatting felt good today and I felt I was staying in good positions.  No pain anywhere.  

Left leg definitely more comfortable on split squats (it shoes on video).  I don't necessarily think there is a strength discrepancy as much as there is a lack of mobility in my left hip which prevents good positioning.  Kept front squats a little lighter to keep better positioning.  Racking the bar with the upper back extended allows for better positioning. 

RDLs weren't bad.  Pushed the weight a bit.  Don't really feel this specifically anywhere, but I also focus on activating the lats to keep the bar close, hopefully this translates well into the classic lifts.  Went real heavy on BB walks, felt good and kept midline stable.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Rest Day: 11/18/2012

HRV: 98 (+1/green)
HR: 56
Click Test: 78

Notes: Sore today.  Woke up in the middle of the night from 3am-4:30am.  I think the half a pizza I ate that evening has some fault.  Took lactaid with the meal however, and felt pretty damn good afterward.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Training: 11/17/2012

HRV: 98 (-1/green)
HR: 55
Click Test: 78

A. Snatch off Blocks: 3x1.1.1 (moderate); rest 2min (165,175,185)
B. Back Squat: 4x8-10 @ 20x0; rest 2min (moderate) (205,225,245,265)
C1. Cyclist Squats: 4x5 @ 5010; rest 90sec (165,175,180,195)
C2. Wtd. Wide Grip Pullups: 4x2-3 @ 20x1; rest 90sec (46,51,53.5,62)
D. SL BB Deadlift: 3x2/leg @ 3111; rest 75sec b/t legs (165,185,195)

Notes: Overate before going to an early bed time.  Not sure if the first 5 hours I slept because I kept hallucinating that I was still coaching classes.  I still felt full so I got up for a half hour to get some water and to let my stomach settle.  Got back into bed and was able to get back to sleep but it wasn't a very restful sleep.  Didn't help that I had to get up early to run the warm-up at or local 5k turkey trot.  I was feeling better after breakfast but still felt sluggish.

Got to the gym and I was fired up to lift.  Haven't snatched in a while so I was pumped to get after it but I also knew that I wanted to hit perfect technique and I didn't want many misses.  Tweaked my medial left knee during warm-up.  I stomped the floor and I must have broken up a piece of scar tissue there because it was pretty painful.  I did a little squatting and it didn't seem to give me any problems so I used my best judgement and went on with the workout.  

Snatches felt good.  I was staying over the bar nicely and getting back under the bar with pretty good mechanics.  I noticed that when I road the bar down and didn't just drop out I was able to keep better position in the catch.  Either way I caught some good snatches today with little to no problem.

Back squats felt good today and didn't bother my patella tendons at all.  Sat back from the top of the squat and I was able to hold good position so I think this is how I will go about squatting from here on out, rather than trying to go down "perfectly" vertical.  Cyclist squats weren't too bad, but I didn't push it on the weight because I wanted to keep form perfect and recruit the right muscles getting out of the hole.  Wtd. pullups felt good with extension through thoracic.  Kept my shoulder in a better position and I was able to get the chin over the bar every time, heavier than last week.

Lost stability on single leg deadlifts.  Also, going that heavy off one leg, trying to drive it through the ground felt a little sketchy on my knee do I might have extended more from my hip than driving my heels through the ground.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Training: 11/16/2012

HRV: 98
HR: 54
Click Test: 75

12min Versa Climber-slow cadence, high resistance, HR 150-160
rest 8min
20min Z1 Row

Notes: Woke up feeling a little groggy but came around once I started moving around.  Felt good today and warmed up with some wall balls and heavy KB swings.  Haven't got any touches on those in a while so I threw them into a warm-up.  During the versa climber, I kept the HR between 150 and 160 and the cadence between 60 and 70.  Tough day, but felt good overall.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Training: 11/15/2012

HRV: 89 (+6/green)
HR: 59
Click Test: 75

A. Wtd. Strict Muscle-Ups: 3x1-3; rest 3min (20(2),20(3), 22.5)
B1. Press: 4x2-3 @ 22x1; rest 90sec (155,160,170,180)
B2. 360 Pulls Clusters, 1/2 tucked: 4x1.1.1; rest 90sec
C1. CGBP: 3x8-10 @ 20x0; rest 60sec (165,175,187.5)
C2. One Arm Torso Row: 3x4-6 @ 30x0; rest 60sec b/t arms and after (75,80,85)
D1. DB Incline Cuban Press: 3x8-10 @ 2011; rest 60sec (12x3)
D2. KB Side Bends: 3x6/side @ 2020; rest 30sec b/t sides, then 60sec (70,75,80)

Notes: Felt fired going into today's workout.  I liked the way I warmed up for this workout also. EMOM x 6min going back and forth between sets of kipping HSPU and 50m sprint build ups.  Shoulders and back felt good today.  

Noticed that I need to pull the legs down during the transition of the muscle up so I don't get stuck as easily.

Press felt good today, focusing on extending through the thoracic and not the lumber spine.  360 pulls felt better too when I extended through the thoracic at the bottom.  

CGBP were no problem, though the last set was tough.  Focused on scap retraction on rows. 

Cuban press burned my scaps, and bends were tough on obliques.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rest Day: 11/14/2012

HRV: 83 (-9/amber)
HR: 63
Click Test: 78

Notes: After yesterday's LONG day, I think I need some R and R....and a coffee.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Training: 11/13/2012

HRV: 92 (-9/green)
HR: 57
Click Test: None

A. Power Clean from Blocks (moderate): 3x3; rest 2min (205,215,225)
B. Back Squat (85% effort): 10,8,6,6,6 @ 30x1; rest 2-3min (205,225,245,255,265)
C. BB Split Squat: 2x4-6 @ 30x0; rest 90sec b/t legs (135,145)
D. 1 1/4 Front Squat: 4x3 @ 32x0; rest 3min (155,165,175,185)
E. Yoke Walk: 4x35sec; rest 40sec (295,315,335,355)

Notes: Had to wake up really early for a TV spot at our gym.  Decided to hit the workout after since I figured I would be jazzed up from coaching early and being on TV.  Felt good going into the workout, though my lower back was sore and tight from the two workouts the day prior.  Also, when I have restless sleep, my lower back tends to tighten up.  Power cleans felt good today.  Hitting the right positions and continuing seamlessly under the bar.  Back squats weren't too bad either, though my lower back started to tighten up toward the last few sets.  I would say that would be the limiter here.  Weight was easy on the legs, tough on the lower back.  Back was still tight during split squats though I feel the left side is easier than the right.  I think it has to do with the support leg being more mobile and easier to get down in the right position.  

Lower back was real tight at the beginning of front squats, but I rolled on a softball between the first and second set and that seemed to loosen things up.  Felt good from then on out.  Also, on the first set, I didn't focus on extending through my thoracic.  After the first set I pulled my shoulders back and that allowed me to stay a tad more vertical while holding a good position with the knees.  Yoke walks were tough as I went heavier than I ever have before.  After the workout my distal insertion points of my patella tendons were tender.  

Monday, November 12, 2012

Training: 11/12/2012

HRV: 101.3 (+11/amber)
HR: 52.3
Click Test: 78 (+2)

AM Training:
Row 5min @ Z1
6 sets:
Row 600m @ 75%
rest 2min
5min Z1 Row

Notes:  Kept my HR right around 150-160bpm during these intervals.  My heart rate increased toward the end of the intervals but I think the effort was still in the 75% range.

PM Training:
Versa Climber:
2 sets:
10min @ Slow Cadence (150-160 bpm)
rest 8min

Notes: I liked the versa climber work today.  Felt very good.  Kept the cadence between 60 and 70/ minute and my HR between 150 and 160.  Don't have any metrics to go by other than the cadence, but I really liked doing this.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rest Day: 11/11/2012

HRV: 90 (-/green)
HR: 58
Click Test: 74

Notes: Got to sleep later last night.  Feel pretty good this morning.  Body feels pretty good as well.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Training: 11/10/2012

HRV: 90
HR: 56
Click Test: 76

A. Power Snatch off blocks (mid-thigh): 3x5 (lighter); rest 2min (115,135,145)
B. Back Squat: 4x8-10 @ 20x0; rest 2min (moderate loads) (165, 185, 195, 205)
C1. Front Squat: 4x5 @ 20x0; rest 90sec (keep bar speed fast) (165, 185,195, 205)
C2. Wtd. Wide Grip Pullups: 4x2-3 @ 20x1; rest 90sec (36,41,46,51)
D. SL BB Deadlift: 3x2-4 @ 3111; rest 75sec b/t legs (100,115,125)
E. RDL: 3x5 @ 4010; rest 2min (165,185,195)

Notes: Long morning before hitting this workout in the afternoon.  I was fired up to snatch, but I knew I had to keep it "lighter" in order to build my body up to more speed/ballistic movements.  Focused on the turnover at the top and punching out, while keep torso upright and extending back through thoracic rather than through lumbar.  Felt good today, felt very good.  

Discovered something in my squat today.  Noticed that when I really drive back on the eccentric, I can't generate force through the ground.  I think this is because my center of mass is well behind where I am generating the force.  I can see why being shorter in the legs or having really good ankle flexibility is an advantage.  Pullups felt pretty good.  Really focused on good shoulder position and pulling shoulder blades down and together.  SL deadlifts were pretty good today.  Felt is mostly in lateral hips.  RDLs were okay, lower back was a little tender by this time.  

Friday, November 9, 2012

Rest Day: 11/9/2012

HRV: 89 (-5/green)
HR: 58.1

Notes: Woke up feeling pretty good today.  Back is almost 100%.  Body feels good and I am itching to snatch tomorrow.  

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Training: 11/8/2012

HRV: 93.1 (did not take yesterday)
HR: 56

Versa Climber x 1min
Skipping Rope x 1min
Stair Climbing x 1min
Row x 1min
x 10sets

Notes: Woke up and went right to the gym.  Upper back is still a little tight but much better than yesterday.  I changed things up and used the versa climbers and did some stair climbs.  Kept HR right around 140 BPM.  Versa climbers jacks the HR up.  Felt good today. NO SUGAR BEFORE BED!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Training: 11/7/2012

HRV: Not working

A Wtd. Strict Muscle-ups: 5x1-3; rest 3min (w/20lbs. 2,2,2,1,2)
B1. Push Press: 3x5 @ 20x1; rest 90sec (205,225,227.5)
B2. 360 Pulls on Rings: 3x4; rest 90sec (3x4)
C1. CGBP: 3x10-12 @ 20x0; rest 60sec (155,160,165)
C2. SA Torso Rows: 3x6-8 @ 30x0; rest 60sec (65,70,75)
D1. DB Incline Cuban Press: 4x8-10 @ 2011; rest 60sec (12lb.x4)
D2. GHD Side Situps: 4x5-8 @ 2020; rest 30sec, then 60sec

Notes: HRV was not working today but I did my click test and I was at a 78 (avg. about 77) so I went into training as planned.  Felt good going into the gym and had good energy.  Elbows were a little tight before hand and I was a little nervous doing muscle ups.  Once I got into the swing of things, they were all good.  Focused on keeping the shoulder in a good position during muscle ups and trying to pull the scapular all the way together.  For push press, I tweaked my upper back on my second set.  When lowering my 5th rep, the upper back locked up (cramp?) and I immediately had pain in the area.  I think this is the same issue I have had before.  The rhomoid and scap levator freaking out under eccentric load and then freezing up to protect the spine.  Rolled out a little and did a little stretching and things seemed to eleviate.  Continued on with my workout and didn't have too much trouble with that area, just an annoying throbbing.  

Still not proficient on the 360 pulls.  Don't have enough scap strength to pull myself over (or it could be core strength).  CGBP were terrible.  Back/forearms were smoke, so rows were really tough.  Only did two sets of side situps because I have bruises on my hips from doing this over the weekend.  Just couldn't find a comfortable position.  Kept it "doable" in cuban press so my back didn't freak out too much.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Training: 11/6/2012

HRV: 97 (+7green)
HR: 53

Run 10min @ Z1
20min work, paced to keep HR below 140 BPM:
10 Box Jumps 30"
1min Wtd. Side Plank (L)
10 OH MB Throws
10 Hurdle Jumps
1min Wtd. Side Plank (R)
10 MB Reverse Tosses
Hollow Hold-accumulate 3min

Notes: Energy stunk today and didn't really want to train.  Once I got into it though I felt good.  Side planks seem to be getting a bit stronger.  Hollow holds sucked.  BAD.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Training: 11/5/2012

HRV: 90 (+11/green)
HR: 58

AM Training:
5min Z1 Airdyne
2min @ 80%
2min @ 50%
x 3
-rest 5min
2min @ 80%
2min @ 50%
5min Z1

PM Training:
A. Power Clean off Blocks: 3x5; rest 2min (moderate weight) (195,205,215)
B. Back Squat: 10,8,6,4 @ 30x1; rest 2-3min (80% effort, focus on recruitment) (165,195,225,255)
C. BB Split Squat: 2x4-6 @ 30x0; rest 90sec b/t sides (115,135)
D. Front Squat: 4x5 @ 21x0; rest 3min (80% effort, focus on recruitment) (165,185,195,205)
E. Yoke Carry: 5x35sec; rest 50sec (255, 305, 325,325)

Notes: Airdyne went okay in the morning.  Felt a little tired and groggy going into this one.  Need to warm-up a little better because the fatigue in my legs accumulates pretty quickly and it tends to be the limiter.  Legs were a bit fatigued afterward but nothing crazy.

Had decent energy going into my second workout, but my legs were just dead.  Power cleans felt good but my knees were aching afterward.  Squats felt heavy, but focused on good technique and tight midline.  Can't keep my knee from dropping in slightly on the way out of the hole.  I think I push my knees out to get more vertical in the hole.  When I come out the track back in.  Anterior knees felt cranky after the split squats (patellar pain).  Notice on my front squats I can't come out of the whole vertically.  I think this is my limiter in my front squat.  My back angle is forward and it puts a lot of pressure on my upper back to hold the bar.  Yoke carry felt okay on my midsection, but again, my knees were a little achy.  

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rest Day: 11/4/2012

HRV: 79 (-5/amber)
HR: 65

Notes: 4 days of training straight.  Feel pretty good.  Stayed up to watch the 'Bama/LSU game.  It was well worth it.  Thank goodness for daylight savings time!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Training: 11/3/2012

HRV: 85 (-8/green)
HR: 61

A. Ring Series x 3; rest 5min

  • Strict muscle ups AMRAP (-1) 4,4,4
  • Strict Ring Dips AMRAP (-2) 6,7,7
  • Max L-Sit Hold 15,13,12
  • Roll through to hang
  • Single Leg 360 Pull
  • Strict Ring Pullups AMRAP (-2) 2,1,1

B. Ring HSPU: 3xAMRAP (-2) @ 30x2; rest 2min (6,4,5)
C1. GHD Side Situps: 3x5-8 @ 2020; rest 30sec b/t sides (20x3)
C2. Dragon Flags: 3x5 @ 5count neg.; rest 60sec
D. DB Incline Cuban Press: 3x6-8 @ 3021; rest 90sec (15,12,12)

Notes: Got to sleep later than usual and had a later than usual dinner.  Over stuffed going to bed made me restless.  Woke up a little groggy.  Got to my workout after class and personal training and I wasn't too fired up.  Hit some strict pullups and wall balls before getting to handstand holds and ring supports.  Still having trouble with freestands. Just can't get straight and stacked.  It's definitely not a strength thing.  I just need to get set in the right position.  

Ring series went okay today though my pec/front delts were very tight today, preventing a bit of external rotation and proper overhead position.  Ring HSPU were okay though there was a knot in the strap that made sliding my legs up very uncomfortable.  

Tried to remain hollow during dragon flags and not overextend.  Side situps were much tougher this week.  Cuban press was challenging because shoulders were smoked.  Went heavier on first set and really was getting good ROM so dropped for sets 2 and 3.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Training: 11/2/2012

HRV: 93 (-2/green)
HR: 58

A. Wide Stance Low Bar Good Mornings: 4x4-6 @ 40x1; rest 4min (165,185,195,205)
B. SL BB Deadlift: 4x4-6 @ 3111; rest 75sec (95,115,125,130)
C. SL DB Back Extensions: 3x6-8/leg @ 2010; rest 30sec b/t sides (20)
D. Dimel Deadlift: 3x15-20 w/ 30-40% 1RM; rest 2min (145,150,155)

 Notes: Felt very good waking up this morning.  I was just fired up to train.  Low bar good mornings are just awkward for me.  I can't get the bar in a comfortable position and it usually end up emphasizing my lower/mid back than my butt and hamstrings.  SL deadlifts felt better this week with the slight raise in the starting position.  At the end of each set my glutes were burning.  SL back extensions went okay as well.  Dimel deadlifts were a good finisher.  Not too challenging, but a good way to emphasize position and hip extension.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Training: 11/1/2012

HRV: 95 (+5/green)
HR: 57

Wtd. Side Planks: 3x60sec/side; rest 90sec b/t sides (15,15,20)
Yoke Carry: 5x35sec; rest 60sec (275,285,295,305,315)
Airdyne 5min @ Z1
Airdyne 2min @ 80%
Airdyne 2min @ 50%
x 5sets
Avg. 44 cals/2min
Avg. Watts: 315

Notes: Felt pretty good getting up this morning despite waking up for a few hours in the middle of the night.  When this happens I have been taking a little magnesium and within an hour I seem to get back to sleep.  Did a brief warm-up then went right into the side planks.  Feeling more comfortable with this movement.  I built up in BB carries.  All sets felt good and wasn't too crazy of a challenge.  Just focusing on keeping hips in proper position while maintaining midline stability.  Airdyne felt good, even though my quads are still smoked from Monday.  Noticed that the cadence is what dictates the wattage on the Airdyne.......

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Training: 10/31/2012

HRV: 90 (+11/green)-taken seated

A. Push Press: 5x2-3 @ 21x1; rest 3min (205,215,225,235,240)
B1. Wtd. Dips: 6,6,4,2 @ 20x1; rest 90sec (70,80,90,123)
B2. 30 Deg. Incline Powell Raises: 4x6-8/arm @ 3010; rest 90sec (15,15,15,20)
C. CGBP: 3xAMRAP @ 175lbs. @ 50x0; rest 60sec (7,4,3)
D. Single Arm Scap Retractions: 2x2-3 w/ 3sec hold; rest 45sec b/t arms (complete-thumb around bar)

Notes:  I have been dealing with a cold for the last few days and when I woke up this morning the worst had passed and I felt well rested and in good spirits when I woke up.  Over the last few mornings, my HR has been jacked when taking my HRV.  I don't know if this was from the Nyquil/pseudoephedrine I was taking before bed to deal with cold symptoms, or from the cold itself, or from a mixture of the two.  Regardless, I think I am now completely sold on HRV.  If it can predict when I am getting run down and a cold might be coming, that gives me time to get ahead of the cold and take precautions to get through it as quickly as possible.  Not training yesterday when my HRV was red was probably a good idea in retrospect.

Push presses felt good today.  I was focusing on setting the shoulder in external rotation and really exploding through the hips.  Found that I really didn't have any anterior shoulder pain during this movement, which sometimes does flare up.  For the dips, I felt comfortable this week with shoulder positioning, so I went after some bigger weights.  No real struggle here, would go heavier next time, although I would rather be able to keep perfect form with heavier weight, rather than let the elbows flare out and cause anterior shoulder pain.

Went a little heavier this week with the powell raises as I felt more comfortable using the scapula.  The last set was tough, but I felt the burn in the right places.  CGBP was brutal again but I was able to get a higher total than last week.  Scap retractions felt better than last week with the externally rotated shoulder postion.  Felt better stability in the joint during contraction.  Was able to throw the thumb over the bar without any biceps tendon pain.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rest Day: 10/30/2012

HRV: 78.3 (-/red)
HR: 67.3

Notes: Was supposed to do some recovery work today but decided just to keep out of the gym.  I was feeling my head cold was getting its worst.  I think it was a good decision because writing this post in the evening, I am feeling better now than I did this morning.  Hopefully I will get back to normal training tomorrow and make up the missed workout on Thursday.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Training: 10/29/2012

HRV: 78 (-10/red)-taken seated at edge of bed
HR: 69.5

Notes: I went to bed a little early last night figuring that I would need the extra rest.  I think I had a bit of a fever during the night because I was having weird, whacked out dreams.  I woke up at 2:30, took some Nyquil, then went back to sleep where I woke up at 8:40am.  I felt pretty good when waking up and when I took my HRV, my HR was way elevated and red.  I am thinking that this is a bit of a false reading because I was doing my HRV sitting up in bed the week prior.  Again, I just had to go by feel here and since the cold is only localized in my head, I figured I would give it a go today and see how I felt.

Got to the gym and did 5x30sec thrusters (45lbs.) rest 30sec to get warm.  The gym is starting to get colder with the change in season so I have to be creative on how I can quickly get warm.  No problems breathing during this portion so I continued as planned with todays workout.  

During my warm-up sets of split squat I noticed that I was feeling it in my lower back like last week, so I made a little tweak in my pelvis positioning to allow my glutes to be more active and stabilize my midline.  The power leak I was getting last week was gone and my back felt much better.  NEED TO MAKE A MENTAL NOTE OF THIS FOR SQUATTING HERE OUT!  I have been looking into externally rotated shoulder positioning and noticed that I am naturally internally rotated which causes my elbows to flare out during most movements.  I pre-set the shoulder into external rotation today by turning my arm towards the ceiling and then flipping my hand down.  The shoulder felt much more stable and my elbow was tight to my side.  I have a little lack of ROM in flexion + external rotation so I will work on this in warm-ups/cool downs so I don't mess anything else up.  Felt strong when doing this in the torso rows/L-pullups.  Back squats were better than last week with better pelvic positioning.  Legs were still jello-y afterward though.

Rest Day: 10/28/2012

HRV: 88 (-/red)-taken seated at edge of bed)
HR: 56.4

Notes: Coming down with a head cold.  I have been taking the HRV the last few days seated at the edge of the bed because I was seeing inconsistencies when sitting up while in bed.  I am going to have to go by feel for the next week so I can get another week of standard measures.  Head cold is not effecting breathing, just have inflammed high throat and sinuses.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Training: 10/27/2012

HRV: 88.1 (-11/amber) (taken standing up)
HR: 60

A. Ring Series x 3; rest 5min
-Strict Muscle Ups: AMRAP (-1)
-Ring Dips: AMRAP (-2)
-Max L-Sit
-FWD Roll to Hang
- 2 SL Extended 360 Pulls
- Strict Pullups: AMRAP (-1)

B. Ring HSPU: 3xAMRAP(-2) @ 30x2; rest 2min
C1. GHD Side Situps: 3x3-5/side @ 2020; rest 30sec b/t sides + 60sec
C2. Dragon Flags: 3x5 @ 4count neg.; rest 60sec
D. DB Incline Cuban Press: 3x6-8 @ 3021; rest 90sec

Notes: Ring series was tough.  Muscle ups felt very good.  Still a little hitch getting through the rings but feel strong.  Ring HSPU felt good, but tough to keep from over extending the lower back.  GHD side situps weren't bad.  I actually used weight with them.  Dragon flags felt good.  Didn't feel the cuban press in the back of my shoulders as much as usual.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Training: 10/26/2012

HRV: 99.1 (-5/green)
HR: 51.9

A. Wide Stance, Low Bar Good Mornings: 4x6-8 @ 4011; rest 3min (165,175,180,185)
B. SL Deadlift: 4x4-6 @ 3111; rest 75sec b/t legs (95,105,115, 120)
C. SL DB Back Extensions: 3x6-8 @ 2010; rest 30sec b/t legs (20x3)
D. Demel Deadlifts: 2x15-20; rest 90sec (135,145)

Notes: Started off with the WSLBGM.  Wore my weightlifting shoes for this movement and I think it is a disadvantage in the movement due to the fact that the weightlifting shoes prevent you from staying in your heels as you push your hips back.  My lower back was rounding a bit at the end range of motion and it tightened up.  Next time I will definitely go barefoot or no soled shoes.

SL deadlifts left side much weaker in both stability and strength of glute activation.  Noticed on video that I was initiating the movement with my legs and hips on the right leg and my lower back on the left leg.  Same deal on the back extensions.  I felt it was much easier to activate glutes on right side rather than left.  

Demel deadlifts were better on the second set when I took off my weightlifting shoes.  Felt it more in the butt and hamstrings and was able to go a bit heavier.

Rest Day: 10/25/2012

HRV: 104 (+3/amber)
HR: 51

Notes: Had a quick turnover from work the night before.  Only got about 5 hours sleep.  Going up to Orlando this afternoon.  Should be a long day.  Body is still sore from Monday along with UB work the day before.

Training: 10/24/2012

HRV: 100.8 (+3/green)
HR: 45.2

A. Push Press: 5x2-3 @ 21x2; rest 3min (195,205,220,230,235)
B1. Wtd. Bar Dips: 8,6,6,4 @ 20x1; rest 90sec (53,58,68,93)
B2. 30 Deg. Incline Powell Raises: 4x8-10 @ 3010; rest 90sec (12lbs.)
C. CGBP: 3xAMRAP @ 175lbs. @ 50x0; rest 60sec (7,3,2)
D. SA Scap Retractions: 2x2-3 @ 3 sec; rest 30sec b/t sides

Notes: Felt good going into today's workout.  I am always pumped to hit some push presses.  Really focused on keeping a solid midline throughout each rep and keeping my elbows inside.  Same goes for the dips.  Went a little lighter than usual to keep the elbows in and cultivate good technique.  Kept it light on powell raises in order to emphasize scapular strengthening rather than using lats etc..  CGBP was brutal and I starting failing very quickly.  Couldn't keep my thumb on the bar during the SA scap retractions because it put too much pressure on my biceps tendon.

Training: 10/23/2012

HRV: 97.8 (+7/green)
HR: 54.2

10min Z1 Run
15min @ Z1:
10 Box Jumps + Step Down (24"-legs as straight as possible)
10 Kneeling Chest Passes
10 Box Jump Overs (24")
10 Situp med ball tosses
Wtd. Side Plank Holds: 3x60"; rest 60sec (BW, 15,15)
Barbell Yoke Carry: 3x50m (225,275,275)
10min Z1 Airdyne

Notes: I was very sore today after Monday's leg workout.  Movements felt good however and it was good to move around bit.  Side plank holds felt good and felt pretty strong despite the fact that I rarely do them.  Yoke carries felt good and I focused on keeping a tight midline.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Training: 10/22/2012

HRV: 91 (-9/amber)
HR: 42

A. BB Split Squat: 4x6-8/leg @ 31x0; rest 90sec b/t legs (95,105,110,115)
B1. Alt. Lunges @ 45 degrees: 3x4/4 @ 2111; rest 60sec (85,95,105)
B2. DB Torso Rows: 3x10,8,6 @ 30x1; rest 60sec b/t arms (44,50,60)
C1. Back Squat: 2x12 @ 3120; rest 90sec (145,150)
C2. L-Pullups on Rings: 2xAMRAP in 60"; rest 90sec (13,12)

Notes: First day back to real training after the last week recovering and cleansing after the OPTathlon 3.0.  I was raring to get back into things and woke up with a very steady HR and a HRV scores of -9.  I am figuring this is thrown off from last week's Monday score, which was taken after the OPTathlon.  I went into this workout with caution, but since the movements were pretty basic, I felt pretty comfortable.  Split squats were ABSOLUTELY BRUTAL.  Haven't done single leg or tempo work in a while and this hurt bad.  I had jello legs afterward and I still had 40minutes left in the workout.  For the rest of the workout I focused on perfect reps, not just putting up heavier weights.  Lunges were tough to stay balanced. I liked the torso rows and definitely felt those in my rhomboid/scap. Back squats were torture and crushed my quads and butt.  Tough to keep in the legs up in the L-pullups because of the smoked hip flexors.  

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Training: 10/20/2012

HRV: 99.7 (+2/green)
HR: 50.3

20min Olympic Lifting Tech Work
20min Gymnastics Work
SA All fours trap 3 raise: 3x8-10/h @ 2012 (12lbs.)


Friday, October 19, 2012

Training: 10/19/2012

HRV: 97 (+1/green)
HR: 50

10min Z1 Airdyne/Run
3 rounds:
3 Skin the cats (slow and steady)
10 OHS (narrow grip, pause in the bottom every few reps)
10 Windmills + 10sec Hold
10 Bridge Ups
40 TGU (16kg)
3 rounds:
8 Face Pulls
50m/50m Singe Arm Farmer's Walk
5min Z1 Airdyne

Notes: Third day of my cleanse and I have very low energy.  I didn't make the Neera with enough syrup and I think I am just too low cal.  Oh well, I will break my fast tonight with some broth and mashed veggies.  Hopefully I will feel better then.  The bridge ups destroyed my lower back until I focused more on extending from my thoracic.  No problems elsewhere.

Rest Days: 10/15/2012-10/18/2012

Rest Days:
HRV:87.7 (-11/amber)
HR: 60.6

HRV: 99.2 (+11/green)
HR: 47.6

HRV: 98.4 (-1/green)
HR: 52.3

HRV: 96.3 (-2/green)
HR: 51.4

Notes: Here are my last 4 rest days.  Started my 3-day cleanse on Wednesday.  

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

OPTathlon 3.0

HRV: 99 (+12/green)
HR: 48
Mood/Restfulness (1-5): 4

I got back to Florida around 5pm yesterday after flying out from Sand Diego at 6:45am.  Needless to say I didn't have a great night's sleep the night before (as shone by my -11/amber HRV score).  Now I know, from what I learned from this weekend, it is simply spill over from the days competition.  Today I am feeling much better.  Figured I start with the results of each event just to get that out of the way:

Event #1:
Max ground to overhead in 10minutes:
2011: 125kg
2012: 127kg 

My quads, after sitting for the last 2 days were not what they were in Florida.  Hit some descent cleans in the pits, building up to 265lbs.  Went right out and put 125 on the bar and smoked it.  Then I went up 2 kilos to my training best.  I got a little forward in the pull and missed.  The next attempt, I had a better pull but got buried in the hole after trying to bounce out twice.  I gave it one last attempt and eked out the clean by the skin of my teeth.  As usual, I had no problem locking out the jerk.  I stopped there with 1:30 left on the clock.  I would have liked to PR, but I just have to go with the way my body was feeling.

Event #2:
Max Standing Triple Jump (3 attempts)
2011: 23'11"
2012: 26'4"

I was fired up for the triple jump and I knew I could make up some ground here.  Warmed up with bounding and COG jumps in addition to doing a row sprint to prime my anaerobic pump for the row sprints directly afterward.  I hit 26'4" on my first attempt, but then got a little vertical in my second attempt.  My final attempt, my coach spotted his foot a little over 27'.  I got three solid jumps, and stuck the landing right at his feet, but I couldn't stop my momentum from falling backward and I missed on my final attempt.  That would have been a real big boost in my score, but I was happy to hit that first mark.

Event #3:
Row 500m
rest 90sec
Row 500m
2011: 1:33.1/135.7
2012: 133.1/133.5

In my warm-up I did a 1min row and was holding a 1:22 for the duration.  When I got on a rower during the competition, I found that I was unable to pull under 1:30.  The rower that I was using in the competition was newer, so I think that this is where the variation came from.  No matter, this is what I would be using in regionals anyway.  First row went well, and I recovered pretty quickly.  The second row, I was fired up and started out a little faster than my first row, feeling very confident.  At the 200m mark, the pain started getting serious and my quads and forearms were giving way.  With a push from fellow competitor Mike McG., I just got it done.  Afterward my quads and forearms were pooled with blood, but I was good to go after about 15 minutes.

Event #4:
8min AMRAP:
8 Thrusters (115lbs.)
8 CTB Pullups
8 Bar Jumping Burpees
2012: 5 rounds + 7 thrusters

Warmed up for this one with 9 minutes of aerobic work then some mobility.  At this point in the game, my legs were feeling a bit weary, but I trusted in the fact that once the timer went off, I would be good to go.  Sure enough, I felt okay going unbroken on my first two sets of movements.  The third set, I decided to break up the thrusters into 4 and 4 in order to keep myself from red lining.  The hurt really came done about 4 minutes into this workout, much earlier than I anticipated.  I kept the breathing going and stayed relaxed through the thrusters and burpees.  In doing this workout, I think it might be advantageous in the future to get back on the bar quicker and hit smaller sets, than it is to wait a little longer and go with larger unbroken sets.  I suppose this is movement dependent however.  I paced this workout just right, because I had nothing left by the end as I was left writhing for a few moments afterward.

Event #5:
Reverse Shot Toss (3 attempts)
2011: 29'8"
2012: 35'1"

Got a few throws in during warm-ups but the way the throw station was set up, there was a big step blocking the turf so that if you stepped back too far, you would trip over it.  I hit larger throws in training, but I was letting my momentum carry me backward.  Not displeased with my result, it is what it is.

Event #6:
3k Run for Time
2011: 12:03
2012: 12:01

I knew going into this run that I had to be James F., or Max wouldn't let me hear the end of it.  In thinking about it afterward, this was a great opportunity to gain confidence in my abilities.  I was going up against an opponent that was on paper better than me at this event.  I didn't care though, I was going to push it right from the beginning and hold on for as long as I could, no excuses.  Right out of the gate I pushed the pace, hitting the first 200m in 41 seconds.  The next lap only took me 1:24, and I was putting away some insurance for later in the race.  Every time I looked back, James was there, about 20m behind me.  I was feeling good through the first 3 laps, but with 1 mile to go, it starting becoming difficult to pull my feet up.  My calves and hamstrings just felt weak.  800m to go and James was still about 20m back.  I had been putting down a ferocious pace for the last 8 and a half minutes and now I had a little over 3 minutes to go.  I am not a strong kicker at the end of races so I knew I need some buffer over that last 100m stretch.  I laid down the hammer with 800m to go and pushed the pace further.  400m to go, and I could barely see straight, but I kept the thoughts that Rory had talked about the day before in my head, "Set micro-goals.  Just make it the corner, see how you feel then."  I took that last lap turn by turn, and when I was the final 100m mark, I threw everything I had into it, looking back to see if James was coming.  He narrowed the gap to 10m, but I had just enough to hold on threw the finish line.  I collapsed in the turf afterward, writhing, giving everything I had for those 12 minutes.  James came threw the line feeling fine.  I had been in James's many times before, beaten by a little but walking away fine.  I was willing to put it all out there, and I got he prize at the end.  The prize was worth the suffering.

All in all, I had an awesome weekend.  I can't help but to feel happy being around a group of such nice and colorful athletes.  I learned a great deal of information from my peers, and I also learned a lot about myself.  I am now done with competing for a while now, but I know that when game time comes I have the mental game to get it done.  Now I have to back it up with the physical aspect.  This is where the next chapter begins......