Sunday, December 4, 2011

Training: 12/4/2011

AM Training:
For time @ 80%:
15 KB Snatches (53lbs.)
10/10 Pistols
25 Toes to Bar
30 KB Swings (70 lbs.)
35 Box Jumps
70 Double Unders
Time: 6:53

PM Training:
8min Row @ Z1
2min HS Walking Practice
8min Airdyne @ Z1
2min HS Walking Practice
8min Run
2min HS Walking Practice

Notes: Hit the workout after breakfast this morning. Got a solid warm-up of my shoulders, hips, and ankles. Quads were pretty shot going in, most likely from the fatigue of the previous 2 days of training. I was able to keep the intensity down better during this workout as opposed to the workout Friday. The movements aren't as taxing and the skill is a bit higher. KB snatches went well, and my lead foot only hit twice on the pistols, reps that I did not count (turns out that the standard next weekend will allow for the lead foot to touch). I did the toes to bar on the smooth new bars that we have in the gym, much tougher to grip, but something that I have to be prepared for. Pretty taxing on the grip. Did the KB swings with the regional standard from last year, and it was very tough (turns out this also will be different this weekend. The KB must be between parallel and perpendicular to the floor). Box jumps were tough, especially since I stood up on the box each time. I will take advantage of the standard this weekend and jump off the box while opening my hips each rep. Tightened up the jump rope the other day, and the double unders felt almost effortless.

Afternoon recovery session felt great. After a few sets of handstand walks, I was able to fall into a solid groove. Hit some snatch technique work afterward because I still had a bitter taste in my mouth from Saturday. Turns out I was shifting my hips into the bar a bit prematurally sending me onto my toes and causing a jump back, leaving the bar forward. Once I got the bar higher onto the hip, the catch became much more effortless.

Biochem final on Tuesday, time to shift gears and get some studying done.

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