Saturday, December 3, 2011

Training: 12/3/2011

A. Build quickly to Heavy Snatch (135,165,185,205(mx4)
B1. COVP Pullups: 3x15; rest 90sec
B2. Hand Release Pushups: 3xAMRAP(-3); rest 90sec (18,18,18)
C. Row Sprints: 3x60sec @ 90%,95%,100%; rest 2min (309m, 316m, 332m)

Notes: Still can't receive well in the bottom of my snatch. Power snatches seem to be fine, but there is something funky going on in my catch that doesn't allow me to cleanly receive the weight in my heels. Though I got under 205 all four attempts, realistically, none of them were clean lifts. All were forward when catching the bar. Tough to get a groove with it when you get a touch every couple weeks. But, we have bigger priorities than 1RM snatches.

COVP felt good, and are getting bettter. I paced the row sprints better than the run sprints last week. One reason is because of the instant feedback you get from the rower, the other reason is getting a feel for the higher power gears.

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