Monday, December 26, 2011

Training: 12/26/2011

A. Snatch: 6x1.1; rest 4min (2waves-155,165,175,165,175,185(1))
B. Split Jerk: 4x1.1.1; rest 4min (225,245(2),245,265(1))
C. Hang Clean: 5x3; rest 90sec (185,205,215,225,235)

Notes: I was looking forward to today when I saw it on my schedule.  Snatches, jerks, and cleans.....sounds like my kind of party.  I have been working on my technique in the snatch and I felt a few times it really hit smoothly, while a few other times I was caught of position.  One of the biggest problems I am still noticing is the excessive jump back that sometimes leaves the bar out in front.  If a problem doesn't show up in training, then you have nothing to work on, that's the way I see it.  I can address it here, and clean it up before competition time.  

I was a bit pressed for time so I jumped up quickly in the jerk.  This was not a good idea, since I think the last jerk I did was about two months ago.  It felt very heavy and my footwork was a bit off.  Hit 245 for a triple which I was pleased with, but the last set was sloppy.  Here, I feel that my feet are catching before I am fully locked out.  Once again, something that I can address with some light tech work.

Hang squat cleans were cheesecake today.  I felt the bar falling into the perfect position every time.  This is a big confidence booster for me.  The only time I had trouble was regripping the bar a few times.  I think I could have hit something even heavier today but I will have to wait until next time.

To all of my friends, fans, and clients who support me, belated merry christmas to all.  As the year winds down, I have to remain focused on the task at hand, but once the new year hits, it's countdown to carnage....2.0!

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