Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Training: 12/21/2011

A. Build to Heavy Single Front Squat Quickly (285lbs.)
B1. Back Squat: 4x4-6 @ 40x0; rest 10sec (225,230,230,230)
B2. DB Walking Lunges: 4x12steps @ 1010; rest 10sec (50lbs/hand)
B3. Wall Balls: 4x25 to 11'; rest 3min
C. DB Fat Gripz Farmer's Carry: 4x30sec; rest 60sec (25,25,30,30)

Notes:  Felt better today.  Extra motivation after getting the new dew.  285 felt like cheesecake, but rather than go down that road, I moved on to the terror that lie in wait.  This workout was brutal.  First set went by okay, but after the second set, the volume of wall balls started to eat away at my lower back and quads.  Butt was seizing up too.  All wall balls unbroken and the rest of the movements were done at tempo.  Collapsed afterward in pain and simultaneous elation knowing that it was over.

Donny Shankle....USA 105KG

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