Monday, December 19, 2011

Training: 12/19/2011

A1. Wtd. Pullups: 4x4 @ 31x1; rest 10sec (10,15,20,20)
A2. Chest to Bar Pullups: 4x8; rest 10sec (all ub)
A3. Kipping Pullups; rest 3min (ub,ub,ub, 7,5)
10min AMRAP:
10 Unbroken HSPU
10 GHD Situps
6 rounds + 10 HSPU

Notes: Got about 7.5 hours sleep last night and then get up around 5:30am for personal training.  Had decent energy this morning, but I was still sore in my chest and tris from last Thursday's workout.  Wised up this time around on the weights.  Built as I went.  I used our new pullup bars to try and make the grip as difficult as possible, and boy did it.  My forearms and biceps were absolutely roasted by the fourth round.  Felt good on the HSPU, back wasn't too bad on the GHD situps.

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  1. Hey sean,
    How are you I was at the clash of the fittest you had gave me your website very helpful. I wanted to ask you since you have more experience I'm following the OPT will cycle but I feel I'm not getting enough metcon into it should I be adding things into the programming or just stritcly follow it? I would greatly appreciate your help alot. Thanks godbless