Saturday, November 5, 2011

Training: 11/5/2011

AM Training:
5-7 Sets:
10 Heavy TnG Push Press (145lbs.)
300m Row
rest 5min
(avg. watts: 476,475,462,448(end))

PM Training:
200y warmup
rest 1min
200y cooldown
Times: :40,:40,:40,:39,:39,:40,:40,:40,:38,:39

Notes: Went to sleep at 9pm last night. I was whipped from the early rise and the stomach situation. Slept until about 6:30am but was still a bit groggy upon waking. Felt pretty good heading into the workout, but after the first round, I could tell that my biceps and legs were cooked from the 60min row the day before. I hit the first three rounds at about 92% and by the fourth round, I couldn't hold the intensity on the row for more than 150 meters so I called it quits there (didn't want to get into fatigue based testing).

The second workout went a bit better. I am getting my sea legs back and was able to go at a good pace during the warmup (continuous 200y w/ flip turns). I did the 50y sprints at around 85% and kept the lap times equal throughout. Had some good swim thoughts today, so I was fighting the water all that much. Gut is still not feeling 100%.

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