Thursday, November 24, 2011

Training: 11/24/2011

A. Power Clean + 24m Handstand Walk
1. 225+1 break
2. 245 + unbroken
3. 255 + unbroken
4. 265+ unbroken
5. 270(f) + 1break

B. Muscle Ups: 3xAMRAP; rest 3min (7,7,6)
C. GHD Situps: 3x15; rest 45sec

Notes: Thanksgiving. No off days when you are working toward your goals. Back felt good after I started to warm up. Funny how something that is so debilitating can just vanish after a thorough warm up. Power cleans were a bit off today, but the pull was there. After the workout, I lightened the weight and compared my pulls to the snatch, which is much more comfortable for me. Turns out my shoulders in my clean starting position are farther back than in my snatch. When I changed this up, the pulls fell into place and I was in a better position in the catch.

Handstand walks went well. I just have to be comfortable to let go and keep falling forward, rather then fighting against myself. 24m is farther than my PR, so I was pleased to do it multiple times.

I worked with A.J. a bit on my muscle ups after I showed him the film. Turns out I was not forcefully driving my legs back down after my kip up. This was causing me to get caught against my own body, rather than be propelled over the top.

Couple tweaks here and there (back, hip, elbow), but feel good overall.

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