Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Training: 11/22/2011

5min Handstand Walking Practice (EMOM 40')
8min AMRAP @ 85%
5/5 Pistols
15 COVP Pullups
Result: 5+10+13
rest 2min

8min AMRAP @ 85%:
40m Overhead BB Walk (155lbs.)
20 Double Unders
40m Barbell Carry on Back (275lbs)
Results: 3 + 20m walk

Notes: I did about 20-30 minutes mobility at home working on hips, back, and ankles. I was a bit tight in my lower back, it this affected my handstand walking a little bit. Shoulders were also a bit sore from the workouts on Sunday. Pistols weren't too bad. I no repped myself a few times for letting the opposite leg touch the ground on the way down, but other than that, it went pretty smooth. COVP pullups are getting much better and I feel much more comfortable with my kip. I feel this work will help with chest to bars and butterfly. The second part was tough. Shoulders were fried so I broke up the overhead walk into 20m out, rest, 20m back. Felt pretty good today.

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