Saturday, November 19, 2011

Training: 11/19/2011

AM Training:
5k @ Z1

PM Training:
Snatch Balance + Hang Snatch+ Snatch: 3x1+1+1; rest 3min (135,155,170)
8 sets:
40sec Airdyne
6:20 rest
Results (avg. watts at 40sec)
1. 535
2. 571
3. 573
4. 577
5. 585
6. 600
7. 598
8. 589

Notes: Ran in a charity 5k this morning at a Z1 pace. Went right to the gym afterward and got to work. Hip flexors were smoked from yesterday's workout, and I noticed it effected my receiving position. After speaking with my coach, I went at the Airdyne sprints a bit differently. I tried to go hard, tracking the avg. watts each time. Was able to increase the watts each set, so this leads me to believe that I was utilizing lactate as fuel. I felt is was a good session, much better than my other lactate intervals on the Airdyne.

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