Friday, November 18, 2011

Training: 11/17/2011

Max L-Sit Hold (29sec)
3min Row (887m)
rest 2min
3min @ 90%:
1 Rope Climb (20')
10 Box Jumps (20") (4 rounds)
2min rest
3min Airdyne (68 cals)
2min rest
10 GHD Situps + Wallball Toss (10lbs.)
10 Jumping Deck Squats (2 rounds + 3reps)
rest 2min
10 Clapping Push ups
15 sec Hollow Body Hold (4rounds +10reps)
3 sets:
leg lowering abs x10 reps @ 2311; rest 60sec

Notes: Good day of training today. Friday is another day I have to wake well before the sun comes up, but I felt good after getting in a meal and lying down for a while after work. Trained with A.J. today. It's always good to do training like this with someone else. Keeps you sharp. Not to try and beat them, but it keeps you focused and allows you to be honest on each and every rep. Each 3min go felt good. Was able to hold a high effort without redlining like I was a couple of weeks ago.

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