Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Training: 11/15/2011

A. Power Snatch + Hang Snatch + Snatch: 6x1+1+1; rest 3min (135,145,155,165(f),165,170)
B. Snatch Balance: 3x3; rest 2min (135,155,185)
C. OHS: 5x5; rest 3min (185,195,200,205,210(1))

Notes: Felt good to snatch today. Legs are still a little weak from this weekend, but all is all a pretty good day. The complex felt pretty good, but there is still something that isn't smooth snatching from the deck. The power snatch feels good, as does the hang snatch, but there is a disconnect from the floor. Snatch balances felt pretty good although the weight felt very heavy today. My shoulders were roasted by the time I got to OHS. Was able to work up to a pretty heavy weight. I was focusing on pressing my scapula up to help stabilize the weight, and take some stress off of the shoulders. Quads were burning on the later sets.

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