Saturday, November 26, 2011

Competition Simulation

WOD #1:
3 rounds for time:
10 Power Clean and Jerks (135lbs.)
40' Handstand Walk
10 Chest to Bar Pullups
Time: 4:50

WOD #2:
3min Countdown Timer:
500m Row
Max Double Unders in Time Remaining
rest 1min
Total Double Unders: 199

WOD #3:
25min AMRAP:
400m Run
20 Burpees
30 KB Swings (16kg)
Result: 6 rounds

Notes: Didn't sleep much last night. Not at all I don't think. I took some melatonin at around 11pm. Though it allowed me to relax a bit, I started off in bed with thoughts of today. That spiked my anxiety and it was hopeless. So I just relax and meditated until around 7am.

Coached class this morning then AJ came in to take part in the competition simulation since he will also be taking part in the Clash of the Fittest, which is only a couple weeks away. First workout went well. I was able to be consistent on the handstand walks, and they didn't tax me too aerobically. Broke up the clean and jerks into doubles but tried to stay efficient and relaxed throughout. After the workout, AJ called it a day. Looked like crap coming in this morning, gutted through the first workout, and thought it would be wiser to get some rest than risk it.

Second workout I planned on pulling a 1:40 and then breaking into sets of 30. Rows felt fine, but I didn't trust myself to be able to really go after the double unders without fear of burning out my shoulders and forearms. High rep double unders still seems to be my goat.

Last workout I wanted to choose a pace from the beginning that would allow me to move at a steady pace. The burpees weren't too bad and I was consistently banging out 1:40 splits on the 400s. Ripped on the outsides of my ring fingers with the smaller kettlebell. All in all, surprised at how good I felt even though I don't tackle this time domain too often. I guess the movements didn't get my heart rate going too much.

Time to rest up and prepare for the final push to the COF.

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