Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Training: 10/5/2011

1mile run for time (6:04)
4x15 Box Jumps; rest 30sec
3min AMRAP 35 Unbroken DUs (6 sets)

Notes: My right ankle is bothering from practicing triple jumps yesterday. Gonna lay off those until Sunday. Was worried it would effect my workout today but once I got warmed up, I stopped paying attention to it. Do to a little bit of my confusion on my workouts, I put a few things together for today. I am little disappointed with my mile time, but it's 3 seconds faster than when I last ran one for time and I felt a lot different after running this one. My hamstrings were absolutely smoked going into the run, and 1/4 mile in, I knew I didn't have the gear today. Energy wise, I felt pretty good. At the finish line, I took a few deep breaths and was good to go. Box jumps didn't give my ankle too much trouble, and I focused on staying relaxed and moving the rope efficiently on the double unders. Tomorrow is my final workout before leaving for San Diego.

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