Sunday, October 30, 2011

Training: 10/30/2011

AM Training:
A. Build to Heavy Clean (225,245,255,270(f))
B. Build to Heavy Triple Sumo Deadlift (325)
C. L-Pullups: 3xAMRAP; rest 3min (5,5,5)

PM Training:
10min Z1 Run
EMOM for 20min:
7 Burpees
80m Run
rest remaining time in minute
10min Z1 Run
Avg. 36sec/round

Notes: Better night's sleep last night. Felt pretty good going into the workout this morning but couldn't dig deep to hit 270lbs.. Wasn't too worried though, as my technique seems like it improving and I haven't had much exposure to the clean. Building up to 270lbs. felt better/ easier than ever before so I think my tech/legs are in good shape right now. I just have to keep working hard and the weights will add up. The sumo deadlifts were a but awkward. I couldn't get myself balanced and my thumbs were killing me. Didn't want to risk going to heavy to I capped it. L-pullups are still a struggle for me. I just feel so awkward/helpless with these, straining to keep my legs up with my hips flexors.

Second workout went pretty well. However, I think I have found one of the main causes of my back flare-up from the previous week. I thought it was solely the KB Snatches during the aerobic workout, but the burpees today absolutely fried my lower back. I was not anticipating this and by the 17 set it was really tight. I iced and stretched afterward. I have to stay on top of it before it gets bad again.

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