Sunday, October 30, 2011

Training: 10/29/2011

10x1min @ 97%; rest 6min
1. 40
2. 40
3. 37
4. 39
5. 35
6. 38
7. 36
8. 36
9. 36
10. 39

Notes: I was not looking forward to this. I mean how could you? Didn't get a great night's sleep before but the pre-game planning was better. I ate a balanced meal and 8:30am with some coffee. I started warming up at 11:15am with some 70% and 80% 1min sprints to get the legs warm. The first two sprints felt great, and I was able to hold a good wattage throughout. I was confident that the last two weeks had prepared me for this workout. The middle ground was variable. Some sprints were tougher than others but every set hurt about as much as the next. The last one I dug a little deeper on the back half and pulled out a few extra calories to finish off the workout. Thank god that's over with.

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