Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Training: 10/26/2011

3 rounds for time:
Run 400m
10 Ground to Overhead (155lbs.)
25 Pullups
Time: 11:47

Notes: Didn't have great energy going into this workout. Like a 7/10. Wasn't fired up during warm-up. In fact is was tough to warm-up. Lower back was still sore from yesterday and legs were fatigued. CNS was down too. Rather than slack it on this workout, I decided to push as hard as I could relative to what I had in the tank. What gives? I am using the mentality of what would Jon North do? He would say f-it, and try to go as hard as he could with whatever he had in the arsenal. I give myself a 10/10 today on that account. Does that even make sense? I am not sure.

What I am trying to say is fresh I think I can do that in under 10minutes going unbroken on the ground to overhead and breaking the pullups into 2 sets at a time. I wasn't able to do that today, breaking the ground-to-overhead up heavily but staying consistant in pushing the pace and going 10,10,5 on the pullups on all three sets. At the end of the workout I was hurting metabolically pretty bad for a good minute after the workout. Flow work this afternoon, then a day off tomorrow. I am going to ice bath tonight, and really relax tomorrow to be fully ready to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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