Sunday, October 23, 2011

Training: 10/23/2011

Run 1 mile
10 Rounds of Nate (2 Muscle-ups,4 HSPU, 8 KB Swings-2pd))
Run 1mile
Time: 30:54

300m Warm-up
25y Underwater
rest 50sec
300m Cool-down
Avg. Time: :24
Notes: This morning did not go so well. Half way into the run, by lower back started to seize like it sometimes does. Unfortunately, it tightened all the way up and the 10 rounds of Nate became a real struggle. That is not a lot I could do but just chip away. I was able to go unbroken on all movements but I just couldn't move. I realized afterward that the KB Snatches started the lower back tightness and all of the posterior chain stuff on Wednesday hurt too. I have to be more diligent at icing my lower back after these workouts.

Came back in the afternoon with a better workout. Cut the rest times on the swims but the length times remained the same. Felt better this week. More comfortable in the hypoxic state.

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