Saturday, October 22, 2011

Training: 10/22/2011

8 sets:
1min Airdyne @ 95%
rest 6min
Results (cals): 37,38,37,35,37,35,35,34

Notes: Hammy is feeling a bit better today but I know that it's there. As for the Airdyne sprints, I wanted to go "95%" and hold that pace throughout the 1min interval. Not go out at 100% and hold on for dear life like I attempted to do last week. I think I got a better stimulus this week with the different approach. Last week was essentially fatigued based training, while I think this week was actually lactate training. Training my body to utilize lactate as fuel. There were some ups and downs during the workout, but all in all I was able to maintain a high effort throughout. I realized that at the 20sec mark, regardless if I keep the effort at 95% or 90% there is a drop-off in power. I assume this is where the ATP/CP system is depleted and I am now using aerobic/lactate system. Knowing this, I tried to go 95% to get as much work in as I could before the energy was gone, this gave me 3-4 extra calories going into the last 40sec of the interval.

Now, how would this apply to a workout? Hmmmmmmm......
In a 8min AMRAP with say burpees, power cleans, and wall balls I would be keeping a high aerobic output until say 1min left in the workout. At that point I would lay down the hammer and see how many reps I could eek out before the time was up. If 20sec @ 95-97% is what I can hit and then stay at 75% for the last 40sec, this is valuable to know. Tomorrow's workout should be a good test of my aerobic power. I'll ice down the hammy, do some mobility and stretching in the afternoon, and take it one day at a time.

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