Saturday, October 15, 2011

Training: 10/14/2011

A. Snatch Grip Deadlift: 10x3 @ 50x0; rest 3min (195,215,220,235,245,255,275,280,285,305)
B1. BB Front Rack Walking Lunges: 3x8-10/leg; rest 90sec (115,125,135)
B2. GH Raises: 3x15; rest 90sec (complete)
C. Front Splits: 3x3/leg; rest 30sec

Notes: Epic training day. After out of training for almost 5 days, I came in pissing vinegar. I had good energy and was excited about the workout. I know I am hitting things that need work, and I like that. Every workout like this gets me closer to being a better athlete. I don't want to tough the things I am good at right now. I want to work on my weaknesses. I don't want pleasure, I want the pain.

The split work was good. I felt myself getting deeper and deeper into the split each attempt. However, the back leg when I split tends to externally rotate from the hip joint, and I feel a pull in my lower back.

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