Friday, September 9, 2011

Training: 9/8/2011

A1. Ring HSPU: 5xAMRAP(-2); rest 2min (8,8,9,9,9)
A2. Rope climb cirques: 5x1 asap on descent; rest 2min (complete)
B. Strict Muscle-ups w/ 15sec support on final rep: 5x2-5; rest 90sec (3,3,3,3,3)
for time:
10x10 ring pushups; all sets of 10 unbroken

Notes: left shoulder definitely needs ice and rest. Got through the workout okay, but I couldn't imagine doing wall balls or pullups. I am going to shut it down on Friday and come back strong on Saturday. Had an ART and K-Laser treatment on Thursday afternoon and its feeling a bit better. At about 75%.

Ring HSPU were no problem. Cirques went pretty smooth. Tough to lower my self slow. It takes tremendous small muscle control to get it slow. If I could control myself on these, it would be a major feather in my cap. Still stuck at about 3 strict muscle-ups. This is something that concerns me. I see the best of the best and they bang out muscle-ups in workouts with no problems. I could see this being a problem for me in a workout. I am getting stuck as I come through, it's not "fluid." Maybe I will have Scotty take a look. Ring pushups tough but completed in a decent time.

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