Saturday, September 3, 2011

Training: 9/3/2011

10-1 Bench Press (180 lbs.)
1-10 CTB Pullups

Time: 6:22

800m Run
5 No Foot Rope Climbs
800m Run
time: 9:37 (1st 800-3:20, 2nd 800-3:02)

Notes: 1st workout was right up my ally with the bench press. Haven't done many CTB pullups, but I was ok with them. My hands are brutalized from yesterday's KB snatches, and I ripped in this workout in two places on the 8th round. Didn't want to burn out on the bench press, so I broke early, and took short rests. I rested 1.5 hours and then hit the second workout. I didn't want to push too hard on the first 800m, because I wanted to get right into the rope climbs. I figured my grip would be shot, but the first 3 rope climbs went well. The fourth was a struggle at the top. Then I failed on my fifth attempt, and was a foot from the top on the 6th. I gave myself a "break" on the 5th because I didn't want to sit around for another two minutes to get the last climb, and ruin the stimulus of the workout which, in my eyes, was to sustain a high pace for 8+ minutes. Hit the last run like a bat out of hell and my legs and lungs actually felt really good, like night and day as compared to last week's 800s. Guess I am adapting quicker to the aerobic training than I thought.

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