Friday, September 23, 2011

Training: 9/23/2011

A1. Ring HSPU: 5xAMRAP(-1); rest 2min (10,10,10,10,10)
A2. No foot rope climb: 5x1; rest 2min
B. Strict Muscle-ups: 2 on the minute for as long as possible (13)
C1. COVP Pullups: 4x12; rest 20sec
C2. Low ring dip swings: 4x10; rest 3min

Notes: Ring handstand pushups felt good today with socks and extra knee sleeves. Strict muscle-up were flowing today. I figured out to keep my elbows closer together as I pulled up. This gave me some leverage to get my torso through the "window." Had some trouble with the swings, couldn't lock the pushup position on the back swing all the way out.

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