Monday, September 19, 2011

Training: 9/19/2011

A. Split Jerk: 5x1 @ 85%; rest 2min
5 Rounds:
5 Push Press (165,185,195,205,205)
20sec Airdyne AFAP
rest 4min

Notes: Jerks felt ok. Overextened on one of the reps and the middle of my back tweaked a bit. Continued on with the workout anyway. Overall, I am getting a bit beaten up. Left shoulder is not 100% and now the middle of my back. I think this is connected to lack of sleep and overall training depth. I am going to start reincorporating 4g of fish oil back in my diet to help with recovery. Also, my sleep cycle has been a bit off, so I am going to be back on that now. Lactic power stuff was tough but I was able to hold the throttle down during the entire 20sec sprint. This is a definite improvement from months before.

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