Thursday, September 1, 2011

Training: 9/1/2011

A. Tall Snatch: 4min Tech Work
B. Snatch Balance: 4x3; rest 2min (145,155,165,175 (1))
C. Hang Snatch: 5x2; rest 3min (145,165,175,185(1), 190(2))
D. Back Squat: 5,5,5,10-12 (245,265,285,225)

15 min Z1 Airdyne
15min Z1 Row

Notes: Was fired up this morning for lifting. Got a good night's sleep and had good energy in the morning session. I am really conceptualizing the snatch better now, and have began to grasp the idea of the 3rd pull. Dropping the hips straight down after finishing the 2nd pull AFAP! One hick-up during the 4th set of snatches (caused by lazing hang position), but other than that, it felt like butter today. Right ankle was inflammed a bit during, need to keep up on icing. Back squats were tough. Wasn't sure what I could do but the 285 for 5 was a good indicator of what my back squat is like right now. 225x12 burnt....bad.

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