Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Training: 9/28/2011

A. Deadlift: Build to Heavy Single (407.5)
B. Power Clean+ 2 Jerks: 4x1+2; rest 3min (205,220,230,245)
C. Press: 1,3,1,3; rest 4min (175,155,185,165)
D. GHD Situps: 5x15; rest 60sec

Training: 9/27/2011

5 rounds @ 80%:
400m Run
15 Burpees
400m Run
15 Burpees
rest same as work time
Times: 4:38,4:42, 4:42, 4:44, 4:42

Notes: Solid little workout today. Kept the burpees and runs pretty constant throughout. Snuck in some DB ext rotation and DB trap 3 raise during the rests. Need to keep my shoulder strong.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Training: 9/24/2011

AM Training:
10x1 Clean and Jerk, rest 3min

PM Training:
3x2k row; rest 20min

Notes: Woke up early and got the clean and jerks in. Technique was a little off this morning and my first pull was getting me forward. To compensate, I had to lean back and jump back, leaving the bar out in front on the cleans. Toward the end I realized that I needed to keep my knees out more, but I only had one clean left, so I went for a PR and got buried in the whole.

The afternoon workout went a bit better. My times the last time I did this in March were: 7:23, 7:18, 7:21. Through all the goes my heart rate and breathing were fine, but my quads were burning so bad I couldn't get a good "kick" going, especially on the final set.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Training: 9/23/2011

A1. Ring HSPU: 5xAMRAP(-1); rest 2min (10,10,10,10,10)
A2. No foot rope climb: 5x1; rest 2min
B. Strict Muscle-ups: 2 on the minute for as long as possible (13)
C1. COVP Pullups: 4x12; rest 20sec
C2. Low ring dip swings: 4x10; rest 3min

Notes: Ring handstand pushups felt good today with socks and extra knee sleeves. Strict muscle-up were flowing today. I figured out to keep my elbows closer together as I pulled up. This gave me some leverage to get my torso through the "window." Had some trouble with the swings, couldn't lock the pushup position on the back swing all the way out.

Training 9/22/2011

4 sets @ 85%:
3min AMRAP:
1/1 TGU (20kg)
5 Burpees(4 inch leap)
15 Double Unders
rest 3min
12min Mobility (ankles and hips)
4 sets @ 85%:
3min AMRAP:
5 Box Jumps (30",stepped down)
10 KB Swings (24kg)
15 Situps
rest 3min

Notes: Good workout today. It seems that my sustainable stuff is on point, at least with these types of movements. Tried to push the pace hard, but the speed of the actual movements was the limiter. Walked away under control after each and every set.

I challenged myself a bit with the standards today, making sure to stick to a 6 inch jump to a pullup bar for the burpees and going completely vertical with a pause at the top of each KB swing. Felt darn good. Box jumps had my ankles a bit tender afterward.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Training: 9/21/2011

A. Snatch: 6x1 @80%; rest 2min (165lbs.)
For time:
75 Power Snatches(75lbs.)

Notes: Snatching is off. I am a bit concerned but I keep reminding myself that I am at the end of a cycle and I am not near my max potential. Off the ground, the weight feels very heavy. I was power snatching this weight touch and go for 6 reps only a month ago. I guess that is what a training cycle does to you. Doesn't help that both of my shoulders are banged up, leaving me less aggressive under the bar. Foot work is off still too. Randy was ok. I did 15 reps unbroken from the beginning then started breaking it into reps of 7 or 8 and taking as little time between sets as possible. I wasn't very winded from this workout, my grip was the limiting factor. I also focused on keeping consistent form throughout, dropping under the bar on most reps and squatting the weight back up rather than finishing with my arms. My back tightened up a little bit during the workout, but it wasn't bad.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Training: 9/19/2011

A. Split Jerk: 5x1 @ 85%; rest 2min
5 Rounds:
5 Push Press (165,185,195,205,205)
20sec Airdyne AFAP
rest 4min

Notes: Jerks felt ok. Overextened on one of the reps and the middle of my back tweaked a bit. Continued on with the workout anyway. Overall, I am getting a bit beaten up. Left shoulder is not 100% and now the middle of my back. I think this is connected to lack of sleep and overall training depth. I am going to start reincorporating 4g of fish oil back in my diet to help with recovery. Also, my sleep cycle has been a bit off, so I am going to be back on that now. Lactic power stuff was tough but I was able to hold the throttle down during the entire 20sec sprint. This is a definite improvement from months before.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Training: 9/17/2011

A. Split Jerk: 6x1 @ 80%; rest 3min (235,240,245,245,250,265)
B. Back Squat: 3x1; rest 5min (315,335,345(f))
21 Back Squat (180)
200m Run
21 Front Squat (135)
400m Run
21 OHS (90)
800m Run
Time: 9:54

Notes: Poor night's sleep. Cheated last night on burgers and fries and with pre-workout anxiety looking, I only got about 7.5 hours of good sleep. That left me at roughly 80% for today's efforts. Stayed right at around 80% for the split jerks today. Focused on dropping under the bar and being stable. I feel I am little too violent with my move under the bar and it's causing me to be unstable in the catch. Caught with soft arms a couple of times. Back squat felt good, didn't have it mentally on the 345 attempt but I am happy with a 5 lb. PR after a tough couple weeks of training. The Metcon was good. I got a good push from AJ today, who flew through this workout no problem. Legs were jelly on the first 150m of each run, but I was able to catch my stride after that.

Training: 9/16/2011

A1. Bench Press: 5,5,5,10-12; rest 2min (245,250,255,215(12))
A2. No foot rope climbs: 4x1; rest 2min
B. Strict Muscle ups + 15sec hold: 3x2-5; rest 3min (4,3,3)
C. COVP Pullups: 3xAMRAP(-1); rest 3min (20,20,20)

Notes: Left shoulder still bothering me after the snatch workout from the day before. Lateral front delt it the culprit. Haven't done straight kipping pullups in months, felt ok, but definitely more demanding on grip and back.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Training: 9/15/2011

A. Snatch: 3,3,2,2,1,1; rest 4min (165(2),165,175,180f,180f
B. OHS: 5x5; rest 3min (185,185,190,195,205)
C. Box Jumps: 5x15; rest as needed

Notes: Roasted today. Poor night's sleep for the last few night's has really caught up to me. Can't fake the lack of CNS in olympic lifting. Legs are also wrecked from running the last few days. Footwork is becoming a problem for me in the snatch. It seems like I am pulling my feet back and landing on my toes which limits my squat and sends the weight forward. Focused on hitting solid overhead squats today. This was 10 lbs. over my 1RM PR so I am pleased with where my squat is going. Had to really focused on using glutes to get out of the hole since my quads were torched.

I was taking stock of my situation the other day during my run workout:
  • I am 12 weeks out from double ankle surgery.
  • I have set PRs is almost everything I have done over the past 4 weeks
  • My running is getting noticeably better
  • My squat has improved immensely
  • I have good balance between my training, work, and social life
  • I am continuing my education
All in all, things are going very well right now, I just have to keep plugging away and enjoy the ride.

Training: 9/14/2011

200m @
70% (39.18)

Notes: Good workout today. Form felt good on the runs and I was able to keep the throttle down through all 200m. Hamstrings were smoked after this one.

Training: 9/13/2011

8 min Z1
1min @ 90%
1min @50%
4min @ Z1
5 sets:
1min @ 90%
1min @ 50%
8min Z1

Notes: This went well. Did this workout first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. The 1min was bearable, but the rest times seemed short. Form was good throughout, no noticeable pain on the body.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Training: 9/12/2011

A. Deadlift: Build to Heavy Single (385lbs.)
B. Power Clean + 3 Jerks: 5x1+3; rest 3min (185,205,215,225,235)
C. Press: 5,4,3,2,1; rest 2-4min (155,165,175,185,195)

Notes: I shuffled the workout days around a bit, so today I will do the strength training and tomorrow morning I will hit my map workout. My brain and body are pretty beat down from the past weekend. 385 felt like 500lbs. this morning, and my back and shoulders are shot from wall balls and pullups. Learned my lesson from last week so I really tried to focus on sound technique and hitting clean lifts, rather than trying to set PRs. 195 press was a grunt effort but I am closing in 2 bills.


5 Rounds for time:
20 Unbroken Wall Balls
20 Unbroken Pullups
Time: 7:44

rest 12min

5 Rounds for time:
500m Row
15 Burpees
Time: 15:00

Notes: Went into the first workout with "flow" in mind. I wanted to keep all unnecessary tension out of my body. I also focused on breathing throughout. The wall balls started getting taxing by the 4th round and as for the pullups, my forearms were toast during round 5. I was able to hang on for the final 5 reps but my forearms seized up afterward. The second workout I had to grind it out, keeping a steady pace on the rower (1:59) and staying consistent on the burpees.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Training: 9/10/2011

A. Clean: 3,3,2,2,1,1; rest 4min (225,235,245,250,260,265)
B. Back Squat: 5x3 +12-15; rest 3min (285,290,295,300,305(1), 225(12))
C. Double Unders: 3x2min AMRAP; rest 1min (152,105,140)

Notes: Energy was high going into the workout today. Shoulder was at about 85% but I felt I was strong enough to give it a go. Cleans felt good today, and I was focusing on pushing back up into the bar as soon as I finished the third pull. Went heavy on each set of back squat. Definitely tough. Forearms and triceps burnt out quickly on double unders.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Training: 9/8/2011

A1. Ring HSPU: 5xAMRAP(-2); rest 2min (8,8,9,9,9)
A2. Rope climb cirques: 5x1 asap on descent; rest 2min (complete)
B. Strict Muscle-ups w/ 15sec support on final rep: 5x2-5; rest 90sec (3,3,3,3,3)
for time:
10x10 ring pushups; all sets of 10 unbroken

Notes: left shoulder definitely needs ice and rest. Got through the workout okay, but I couldn't imagine doing wall balls or pullups. I am going to shut it down on Friday and come back strong on Saturday. Had an ART and K-Laser treatment on Thursday afternoon and its feeling a bit better. At about 75%.

Ring HSPU were no problem. Cirques went pretty smooth. Tough to lower my self slow. It takes tremendous small muscle control to get it slow. If I could control myself on these, it would be a major feather in my cap. Still stuck at about 3 strict muscle-ups. This is something that concerns me. I see the best of the best and they bang out muscle-ups in workouts with no problems. I could see this being a problem for me in a workout. I am getting stuck as I come through, it's not "fluid." Maybe I will have Scotty take a look. Ring pushups tough but completed in a decent time.

Training: 9/7/2011

A. Tall Snatch: Tech Work
B. Snatch Balance: 3,3,2,2; rest 2min (145(drop-no-dip), 165(drop-no-dip), 175,185)
C. Snatch: 3,3,2,2,1,1; rest 4min (165,175(2),180,190(1); 200(f),205(f))
D. Box Jumps: 5x15; rest as needed

Notes: I was pumped to see this workout on my schedule. Unfortunately, an early work day combined with fried CNS from lactate training from earlier in the week limited my performance here. I was receiving everything forward today, and noticed also that my right foot was on the toe when I was in the bottom of the catch. I think I need to retrain my feet so this doesn't continue to happen. Was not displeased with my performance because I know I have a lot more on the table. Judging from the vids, I might have enough height to power snatch that weight.

I woke up the next morning after this workout and my left anterior deltoid was stiff, inflammed, and throbbing. I will go see my chiropractor today.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Training: 9/5/2011

6 sets:
5 Hang Power Cleans
150m Row
10 Wallballs (11')
Times: 1:08,1:06,1:04,1:07,1:05,1:05

Notes: With the day off from work today, the focus was set on today's workout. I warmed up with a bit of rowing, kb juggling, and bar work.

For the workout, I started off with 195 lbs. and then finished the workout with 215lbs. I wasn't concerned with standing up with the weight each time, wanted a quicker turn-over to keep intensity high. Wall balls were burning the quads toward the end. Was able to keep right around the same time each go. Not the worst lactate sessions I have ever had.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Training: 9/3/2011

10-1 Bench Press (180 lbs.)
1-10 CTB Pullups

Time: 6:22

800m Run
5 No Foot Rope Climbs
800m Run
time: 9:37 (1st 800-3:20, 2nd 800-3:02)

Notes: 1st workout was right up my ally with the bench press. Haven't done many CTB pullups, but I was ok with them. My hands are brutalized from yesterday's KB snatches, and I ripped in this workout in two places on the 8th round. Didn't want to burn out on the bench press, so I broke early, and took short rests. I rested 1.5 hours and then hit the second workout. I didn't want to push too hard on the first 800m, because I wanted to get right into the rope climbs. I figured my grip would be shot, but the first 3 rope climbs went well. The fourth was a struggle at the top. Then I failed on my fifth attempt, and was a foot from the top on the 6th. I gave myself a "break" on the 5th because I didn't want to sit around for another two minutes to get the last climb, and ruin the stimulus of the workout which, in my eyes, was to sustain a high pace for 8+ minutes. Hit the last run like a bat out of hell and my legs and lungs actually felt really good, like night and day as compared to last week's 800s. Guess I am adapting quicker to the aerobic training than I thought.

Training: 9/2/2011

4 sets:
3min AMRAP:
10 KB Snatches R + 10m Waiter's Walk
10 KB Snatches L + 10m Waiter's Walk
10 Walking Lunges
3min rest
(3 rounds +8, 3 rounds +10+2, 3 rounds +10+2, 3 rounds +10)
12min Mobility
4 sets:
3min AMRAP:
10 Jumping Deck Squats
15 Double Unders
3min rest
(2 rounds + 10+10, 3 rounds +1, 3 rounds + 1, 3 rounds)

Notes: Felt good today. Energy going in was very high. Hit this at 1 o'clock and was able to keep a high but sustainable pace throughout. KB snatches have always been a GOAT for me, since they cause my lower back to seize up. I focused on using my hips and glutes, rather than my lower back extending to get the KB up, and it definitely payed off.

I wanted to focus on breathing throughout this workout, but I noticed I get caught up in the technique of the movement itself, which throws off my concentration from staying relaxed and breathing easy. Jumping deck squats were burning my quads, but I noticed that when I stopped it burned worse, so I just keep plugging along. Double unders were smooth today, a good sign.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Training: 9/1/2011

A. Tall Snatch: 4min Tech Work
B. Snatch Balance: 4x3; rest 2min (145,155,165,175 (1))
C. Hang Snatch: 5x2; rest 3min (145,165,175,185(1), 190(2))
D. Back Squat: 5,5,5,10-12 (245,265,285,225)

15 min Z1 Airdyne
15min Z1 Row

Notes: Was fired up this morning for lifting. Got a good night's sleep and had good energy in the morning session. I am really conceptualizing the snatch better now, and have began to grasp the idea of the 3rd pull. Dropping the hips straight down after finishing the 2nd pull AFAP! One hick-up during the 4th set of snatches (caused by lazing hang position), but other than that, it felt like butter today. Right ankle was inflammed a bit during, need to keep up on icing. Back squats were tough. Wasn't sure what I could do but the 285 for 5 was a good indicator of what my back squat is like right now. 225x12 burnt....bad.

Training 8/31/2011

400's @
70% rest 2min (1:24)
80% rest 4min (1:16)
90% rest 6min(1:08)
75% rest 2min (1:22)
85% rest 4min (1:12)
95% rest 6min (1:05)

Notes: Pacing was good today. Felt I could hold a high intensity for the whole 400m. Need to be able to hit the "go" button like that during shorter workouts and not fear the burn-out. Last 400m got me.