Thursday, August 18, 2011

Training: 8/17/2011

A1. Push Press: 5x1. @ 21x1; 2min rest (230 lbs.-completed all reps)
A2. Pullup: 5x1. @ 21x1; 2min rest (63.5 lbs.-completed all reps)
B1. Strict Muscle-ups: 3x3-5; 90sec rest (3,4,4)
B2. EROM HSPU @ 21x3; 90sec rest (6,6,5) (paralettes + abmat)

3x800m @ 100%; rest 20min b/t sets (2:41.9,2:41.2;2:39.62)
Notes: Good night's sleep last night. Pumped getting into the workout but as soon as the weights hit me, I knew it was going to be tough. These workouts do not get any easier and you really have to dig deep into the CNS to complete them. Every rep is hard. I supported the weight during the pullups on the back of bent legs. This for some reason made it more manageable (not sure if this was cheating). I was very nervous before running the 800s. I haven't run hard in quite some time despite some MAP training. My lower back was a concern since it always tightens up. I recently made to tweaks to the running form and my back stayed pretty loose. V-ups in between sets definitely helped. Deep breath after each 800m and I was walking away under control. HR crossing the finish line each time was at 174 bpm. Time to overfeed.....

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