Sunday, August 14, 2011

Training: 8/13/2011

A1. Push Press: 5x1. @ 30x1; 2min rest (220#)
A2. Wtd. Pullup: 5x1. @ 21x1; 2min rest (61#)
B. Strict Muscle-Ups: 4x2-4; 2min rest (3,3,4,2)
C. Press: 3x5-7 @31x1; 2min rest (115,140,150(4))
D. Tabata 45# plate hold w/ pinky,ring, and middle fingers

Cheat meal the night before lead to a poor night's sleep. In a fog all day today. Was able to complete all reps for push press and pullups. My elbows were flaring up from lowering the push press weight. I will ice that down and keep an eye on it. Muscle ups seem to be progressing. Oly lifting seminar tomorrow at our place hosted by A.J. Moore, should be good.

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