Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Training 7/26/2011

A1. CGBP: 5x2-4 @ 40x0; 2min rest (205,225,230,240,250)
A2. DB Row: 6,4,2,6,10 @ 31x1; 2min rest (80,90,100,90,80)
B1. HSPU: 4xAMRAP (-1); 90sec rest (13,13,13,10)
B2. Ring Rows: 4x6-8 @ 20x2; 90sec rest complete
C. DB Ext Rotation w/ Fat gripz: 4x6-8 @ 4010; 90sec rest (20#)

Notes: I suppose my chest and triceps get strong very quickly. I think my last 1Rm was 255, and I hit that for 4 on tempo today. Oh well. HSPU felt fresh today, suppose it's from not going too extreme on the CGBP. Left shoulder is a bit weaker than right. Ready for next cycle.

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