Saturday, July 23, 2011

Training: 7/22/2011

A1. Seated BB Press: 5x2-4@ 30x1; 2min rest (165,170(3),170, 175(3),175(2))
A2. Wtd. Pullups: 5x2-3 @ 31x1; 2min rest (45,50,55,60,67)
B1. Wtd. Dips: 4x2-3 @ 20x2; 90sec rest (65,75,85,90)
B2. Lean Away Chin-ups: 4xAMRAP (-1); 90sec rest (6,6,6,7)
C. T3R: 3x4-6 @ 2012; 60sec rest b/t arms (20)

Notes: Seated press is getting stronger. Pullups are still tough but I was able to grunt out a tough 3 on the final set. Lean away chins are still tough to keep tempo on.

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