Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Training: 7/20/2011

A1. 1 1/4 Front Squat: 4x4-6@40x0; 90sec rest
A2. GHD Situps: 4x12 @ 3030; 90sec rest
B. Russian Stepups: 3x12 @ 10x0; 60sec rest b/t legs
C1. Toes-to-Bar: 4x15; 60sec rest
C2. Front Rack Carry (20kg): 4x 110m;60sec rest

Notes: Couple days of lousy sleep have caught up to me. Fell off toward the end of today's workout. Not that I back into a training routine, I have to make it a priority to have that lights out by 9:30pm when I am waking up a bit after 5am. Front squats sucked. Russian stepups were worse. Finally feeling those where I should...the glutes!

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