Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Training: 7/18/2011

A1. CGBP: 5x4-6@ 40x0, 2min rest (185,195,205,215,225)
A2. DB Rows: 5x8,6,4,8,10; 2min rest (70,75,80,75,70)
B1. Ring Rows: 4x10-12 @ 20x2; 90sec rest
B2. HSPU: 4xAMRAP (-1); 90sec rest (10,10,11,10)
C. DB Ext Rotation w/ fat gripz: 4x5-6 @ 4010; 90sec rest (15)

Notes: CGBP is definitely getting stronger. My chest is always quick to put on muscle, wish I could say the same about my calves! HSPU are feeling more solid everytime I do them. I noticed that when I go forehead to ground, rather than top of head to ground, I get the reps going more easily.

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