Sunday, July 31, 2011

Training 7/31/2011

A1. RDL: 8,6,4,4,2 @ 5010; 2min rest (185,205,225,235,255)
A2. DB Walking Lunges: 5x12/12 @ 2010; 2min rest (50#)
B. Russian KB Swings: 5x20; rest 90sec
C. Single Arm Farmer's Walk: 3x30sec; rest 30sec b/t arms (70 lb. KB)
Hang Snatch Tech Work

Notes: Glutes didn't get as jacked up as last weeks workout. In fact, they felt a bit dormant today. However, on the car ride home from the gym, I was feeling it. KB swings were a bit easier than last week but the grip was definitely taxed. Needed to go heavier on farmer's walks. Got 50m each time. In watching the games this weekend, I would say the biggest advantage an athlete can have his grip endurance. I want a GORILLA GRIP!

Training: 7/30/2011

30min Z1 Run

Josh Bridges wins workout 4........

Friday, July 29, 2011

Training: 7/29/2011

A1. Press: 2-4 @ 30x1; 2min rest (155,165,170,175,190(2))
A2. Wtd. Pullup: 5x1 @ 31x1; 2min rest (53,70,77,80,90)
B1. CTB Pullups: 5x15; 90sec rest (complete)
B2.Ring Dips: 5x15; 90sec rest (complete)
C. T3R: 3x6-8 @ 3010; 60sec rest b/t arms

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Training: 7/27/2011

A. Power Clean Cluster: 3x1.; (15sec rest b/t reps); 3min rest (185,210,225)
B1. 1 1/4 Front Squat: 5x2-4 @ 40x0; 90sec rest (175,185,190,205,210)
B2. GHD Situps: 5x18 @ 2020; 90sec rest
C. Crosswalk: 3x30sec; 30sec b/t arms (overhead 16kg kettlebell, 40# dumbbell w/ fat gripz)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Training 7/26/2011

A1. CGBP: 5x2-4 @ 40x0; 2min rest (205,225,230,240,250)
A2. DB Row: 6,4,2,6,10 @ 31x1; 2min rest (80,90,100,90,80)
B1. HSPU: 4xAMRAP (-1); 90sec rest (13,13,13,10)
B2. Ring Rows: 4x6-8 @ 20x2; 90sec rest complete
C. DB Ext Rotation w/ Fat gripz: 4x6-8 @ 4010; 90sec rest (20#)

Notes: I suppose my chest and triceps get strong very quickly. I think my last 1Rm was 255, and I hit that for 4 on tempo today. Oh well. HSPU felt fresh today, suppose it's from not going too extreme on the CGBP. Left shoulder is a bit weaker than right. Ready for next cycle.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Training: 7/25/2011

A1. RDL: 10,8,6,6,4; rest 2min (185,195,215,235,245)
A2. DB Walking Lunges: 5x 12/12; 2min rest (40,40,50,50,50)
B. Russian Kettlebell Swings: 5x18; 90sec rest (2pood)
C. Hang Snatch + Complexes: worked up to 165#

Notes: This was a rough workout on the glutes. I was cramping up in the middle of it. During the rdls and walking lunges I was really focusing on using my glutes to extend from the hip. Snatches felt good and the postion at the bottom feels even better. Gotta keep making progress here. I realized after the workout why I was sweating so much (cheat night the day before!).

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Training: 7/23/2011

6 sets:
300m Row @ 100%
5min rest
Times: :51.6,:53.2,:54.7,:56.2,:56,:57.3

Notes: Tough one today. This is only the second lactate session I have done in the past 6 weeks. My quads were on fire after each effort. Set number 4, by shorts caught under the seat a couple of times so it skewed the time a bit. All in all, this was an 8/10 on the suck scale.

Training: 7/22/2011

A1. Seated BB Press: 5x2-4@ 30x1; 2min rest (165,170(3),170, 175(3),175(2))
A2. Wtd. Pullups: 5x2-3 @ 31x1; 2min rest (45,50,55,60,67)
B1. Wtd. Dips: 4x2-3 @ 20x2; 90sec rest (65,75,85,90)
B2. Lean Away Chin-ups: 4xAMRAP (-1); 90sec rest (6,6,6,7)
C. T3R: 3x4-6 @ 2012; 60sec rest b/t arms (20)

Notes: Seated press is getting stronger. Pullups are still tough but I was able to grunt out a tough 3 on the final set. Lean away chins are still tough to keep tempo on.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Training: 7/20/2011

A1. 1 1/4 Front Squat: 4x4-6@40x0; 90sec rest
A2. GHD Situps: 4x12 @ 3030; 90sec rest
B. Russian Stepups: 3x12 @ 10x0; 60sec rest b/t legs
C1. Toes-to-Bar: 4x15; 60sec rest
C2. Front Rack Carry (20kg): 4x 110m;60sec rest

Notes: Couple days of lousy sleep have caught up to me. Fell off toward the end of today's workout. Not that I back into a training routine, I have to make it a priority to have that lights out by 9:30pm when I am waking up a bit after 5am. Front squats sucked. Russian stepups were worse. Finally feeling those where I should...the glutes!

Training: 7/19/2011

30min Z1 Row (6400m)

Notes: Pain in the ass. All good though.

Training: 7/18/2011

A1. CGBP: 5x4-6@ 40x0, 2min rest (185,195,205,215,225)
A2. DB Rows: 5x8,6,4,8,10; 2min rest (70,75,80,75,70)
B1. Ring Rows: 4x10-12 @ 20x2; 90sec rest
B2. HSPU: 4xAMRAP (-1); 90sec rest (10,10,11,10)
C. DB Ext Rotation w/ fat gripz: 4x5-6 @ 4010; 90sec rest (15)

Notes: CGBP is definitely getting stronger. My chest is always quick to put on muscle, wish I could say the same about my calves! HSPU are feeling more solid everytime I do them. I noticed that when I go forehead to ground, rather than top of head to ground, I get the reps going more easily.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


A. Snatch Segment Pull: 5x3; 3min rest
B. Power Snatch + 2 OHS: 5x1.2; 3min rest
C. Clean and Jerk

Friday, July 15, 2011

Training: 7/15/2011

7 sets:
4 Muscle ups
30 sec Max Cal Airdyne(28,25,23,22,20,19,21)
3:30 rest
Notes: Got a good night's sleep last night and was excited to get a lactate training session in, my first since regionals. That excitement was short lived however as the familiar feelings of burning, breathlessness, and general thoughts of death entered my body. Muscle-ups were all unbroken, and for the most part, pretty smooth. Not a bad effort today. Onward.......

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Training: 7/14/2011

A1. Seated BB Press: 5x4-6 @ 31x0; 2min rest (145,150,155,160(4),160(4))
A2. Wtd. Pullups: 5x3-4 @ 31x1; 2min rest (45,47,50,52,55)
B1. Wtd. Ring Dips: 4x3-4 @ 22x1; 90sec rest (60,65,70,75,80)
B2. Lean Away Pulups: 4xAMRAP(-1); 90sec rest(6,6,6,5)
C. DB Trap 3 Raise w/ fat gripz: 3x6-8 @ 2012; 60 rest b/t arms (15,20,20)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Training: 7/12/2011

A1. Goblet Squat: 4x10 @ 4110; 90sec rest (24kg, 28 kg, 32kg, 34.2 kg)
A2. GHD Situps: 4x10 @ 3030; 90sec rest( lots of T.U.T.)
B. Step-ups: 2x10/10; 60sec rest b/t legs (20#,25#)
C1. Toes-to-Bar: 3x15; 60sec rest
C2. Front Rack Carry w/ KBs: 3x100m; 60sec rest (20kg)

Notes: Ankles felt pretty good today. A little discomfort in the areas that still have built up scar tissue, but I feel I am going in the right direction. I have been doing glute activation drills, and I felt the goblet squats and step-ups throughout by rear. Energy levels were good despite lousy sleep and an early morning. Double espresso before hand jacked the CNS big-time. Felt good before, during, and after. Front rack carry was serious.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Training: 7/10/2011

A1. CGBP: 4x4-6@ 40x0; 2min rest (175,185,195,215)
A2. DB Row: 10,8,6,10; 2min rest (65,65,75,70)
B1. HSPU: 4xAMRAP(-1); 90sec rest (10,10,8,10)
B2. Ring Rows: 4x10-12 @ 20x2; 90sec rest
C. DB Ext Rot w/ Fat Gripz: 4x5-6; 90sec rest (20)

Training: 7/8/2011

5min @ Z1
15 sets:
52sec @ 50%
8sec @ 100%
5min @ Z1

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Training: 7/6/2011

A1. BB Seated Shoulder Press: 4x4-6 @ 30x1; 2min rest (145,150,155(5),155(5))
A2. Pullups: 4x4-6 @ 31x1; 2min rest (35,40,42,45,50(4))
B1. Weighted Ring Dips: 4x4-6@ 22x1; 90sec rest (45,50,55(4),55(5))
B2. Push Away Pullups: 4x AMRAP(-1) @ 30x1; 90sec rest (6,6,6,5)
C. Fat Grip DB Trap 3 Raise: 3x8-10@2112;60sec rest b/t arms (10,15,15)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Training: 7/3/2011

1000m @ 90%
rest same time as row
(3:28,3:34, 3:38)

Training: 7/1/2011

5min Z1
3min @ 85% (275watt avg.)
3min @ 50%
5min Z1 Cooldown
A1. Front Rack Carry: 2x50m(20kg)
A2. Front Plank: 2x1min

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Training: 7/2/2011

A1. Pullup: 5x3 @ 31x1; 90sec rest (45#,50#,52,
A2. Press: 5xAMRAP (135#); 90sec rest (10,10,8,8,7)