Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Operation: More ankle flexion

I am all set for surgery this Friday. Dr. Coleman, MD will be performing the surgery at Delray Beach Surgical Center, just a few miles from my house. The operation is an outpatient procedure that will last around 30min. They are going to make an incision in the anterior of the ankle, shave down the bone spurs, create a trough for the tibia to articulate in, and then close me back up. The doctor said I will be fully back to training in 4 weeks, though I plan on be fully healed quicker than that. I do have some concern though that my Achilles tendons will not be ready to take on the forces that the spurs have been holding back. It's like driving a Ferrari for years with the handbrake on, then releasing it, and smashing the pedal into the floor. I am going to be very careful and take my time to fully rehab.

I am very excited to see if this will really improve my ankle flexibility. I truly feel that the limited ROM has stopped me from doing a lot of things in my training, and removing this limiter will hopefully allow me to continue my quest to the games without doubt in the back of my mind.

Will post again after surgery on Friday.

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