Saturday, June 11, 2011

Off Season and Bone Spurs

My off-season began two weeks ago. After getting ousted on the second day of the Southeast Regionals, I can now relax, recuperate and start to plan for the upcoming year.

The weird part about Crossfitting as a sport is that the training is the sport. When I played lacrosse in college, the offseason was dedicated to getting bigger, faster, and stronger. I also took time away from the lacrosse, to rekindle the fire after hitting it hard for months on end. Unfortunately, I coach Crossfit for a living and I have made Crossfitting a hobby. This makes it extremely difficult to detach oneself from your sport for a while.

I do have major plans for the "offseason." I plan on hitting at least one or two strength cycles. Continue to improve my O-lifting. And I want to get faster at running. Before all this starts however, I have to get my mobility in order, and unfortunately, this all starts with getting ankle surgery.

I have had bone spurs on the anterior lateral part of ankles for quite some time now. This causes an impingement in the ankle joint and prevents dorsi-flexion. I am going in for surgery on Friday. The surgery is a 30min outpatient procedure to remove the spurs. I will be weight-baring right away and then I will have the stitches in for 2 weeks. I am going to focus on recovering fully as quickly as possible so that I can start working on gaining much needed ROM in my ankles.

I will post more as Friday comes.

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