Monday, May 9, 2011

Training: 5/9/2011

AM Training:
5k Run For time
Time: 20:59

Notes: Good effort on the run. I warmed up my hip flexors and lower back as best as I could. I think my running form is off. I will take a look at it on film tomorrow, but something is causing me to overextend even though my glutes are firing.

PM Training:
10 Rounds @ 80%
1/1 TGU (2pd)
6 Alt Pistols
10 GHD Situps
time: 20:12

Notes: Man I still hate pistols. Still no flow. Failed about 5-8 reps. Right side was better today. Left side felt week. TGU felt really strong. No problems with the 2pd kettle bell. GHD situps destroyed my lower back. I had the fulcrum too high I think. It was behind my glutes, and reading what greg everett says, it should be behind the hamstrings to allow the pelvis to tilt correctly. I will try this next time. God I hate pistols.

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