Saturday, May 7, 2011

Training: 5/7/2011

Training Am:

3 rounds:

20 CTB Pullups

1 trip Prowler (70# pushed over 50m)

30 steps (total) Plate Overhead Walking Lunges 45lbs

Time: 9:10

rest 10 min

AMRAP 5min:

Plank Position One Arm Prowler Pulls(50#, 20ft rope)

7 sets complete

Notes: First set of CTB felt great, but as soon as I got done with the first 25m prowler push, I knew I had gone a out too hard and I had chosen a weight and distance that was too difficult for the workout. I was breathing really heavy after that, lactate was creeping in. Broke up the lunges into 15/15,15/15,10/10/10 on the three rounds. Tough to keep arms locked overhead. I broke up the second round of CTBs only to keep breathing under control. They had great flow today, and I was pleased with going unbroken on with them in the final set. Liked the prowler pulls, different stimulus and fun to boot.


Airdyne 10 min @ Z1


10 min Locomotion Patterns (ala Ido Portal)


10 min Handstand walking practice


15/15 Light Turkish Get-Ups(16kg)


5 trips each arm Crosswalk (Heavy DB low hand, lighter DB/KB overhead) (65lb. DB/16kg KB)


Row 10 min @ Z1

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