Thursday, May 5, 2011

Training: 5/5/2011

AM Training:
A. Power Clean: 5x1; 3min rest (225#,230#,235#,240#,250#(m))
B. Clean Pull: 3x1.1.1; 4min rest (250#,260#,275#)
C. Back Squat: 4x2-3; 4min rest (275#,280#,290#,300#)

Notes: Power clean was off in this workout. Did figure out however that I was straightening my legs way too much to get the bar above my knee. This causes me to excessively scoop and push the bar forward; making it not only impossible to jump correctly but to have a correct bar path. Pleased with back squat effort even though my back was fried from all of the pulling.

PM Training:
4 rounds:
6 Snatches (115#) +20m overhead carry
6 Cleans (155#) +20m front rack carry
6 KB Deadlifts (2pd)+ 20m farmer's walk
Muscle Ups: 5x4; 1min rest (no breaks)

Notes: DNFed this workout. After the first round of snatches and cleans my lower back spasmed. Rather than pushing it, I foam rolled and loosened up before doing some skill work on the rings. I guess the morning workout and the run the day before really got my lower back lit up. This has become a bit of an issue with me. Hopefully I can get it squared away before I leave for regionals.

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