Sunday, May 22, 2011

Training: 5/22/2011

10min Z1 Run
800m Run
25 HSPU(45# plates w/ abmat between)
25 DB Ground to Overhead (50#)
50 Pullups
800m Run
Time: 14:56

Notes: ran the first 800m in about 3:10. Walked right inside and starting banging out HSPUs. Shoulders are a bit burnt from skill work earlier the workout the day before. Fortunately, I should be fresh for this workout, and I should be able to bang these out in 2 sets come Friday. Didn't have 45# dumbbells so I went with the 50# instead. Tough to get them overhead after doing the HSPUs but I was able to string together sets of 5. I plan on doing the same when I have to do 40 of them on Sunday. Pullups were broken into sets of 10 with about 10-15 seconds rest in between each set. I plan on breaking these up into 20s come Saturday. Don't want to tax the grip too much because I am going to have to pick up the kettlebell right afterward. Second run was done in 3:24. Only one workout left until regionals. Proper rest, mobility, and nutrition are key here on out.

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